Don’t Be Stupid

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  • When: 3/12/2019
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: ShowandTell, Twister, Yard Sale, Mr. Yuck, Doink, Air Bags, McDreamy, Kodak, FNG Copperhead

It’s true. YHC’s M knows him better than he knows himself. Invariably, when YHC gleefully announces that he’s heading out for a run, the M will, in a voice normally reserved for pre-kindergarten children that are eyeing a book of matches and a leaking industrial-size drum of petrochemicals, instruct him, “Don’t do anything stupid.”

Alas; the M’s voice is always bereft of hope, for after 30+ years of marriage (YHC thinks 31; YHC probably should know this but he’s afraid to ask her), she knows that YHC without fail WILL do something stupid. Which brings YHC to the lesson that he shared with the Pax on this fine day: Don’t be stupid. For the sake of brevity, YHC will spare the hamstring-related details behind this pronouncement and just relay the key point from this morning – listen to your body. (Somewhere, Gravy – aka, Gravy Train, aka, G-Train) is nodding sagely.

One of the happy side benefits of YC’s stupidty: Yoga day! YHC had been planning a fun running day featuring Yassos (look it up) and golf balls, but – finally – listened to his body and settled for some stretchy yoga, which came as quite the surprise to Kodak, who had gone to bed early Monday night dreaming of a running-themed beat-down rife with quarter-mile vomits and missed YHC’s late night (8pm) announcement of this. Ah well. YHC will make it up to you on a future run date, Kodak, I promise. That said, it was impressive seeing some of the flexibility that the Pax put on display today, including the remarkably pliant Mr. Yuck, who absolutely rocked the lizard pose.

Onto the “workout”…
The Thang: Stretchy yoga! Lotsa down dogs, up dogs, lizard poses, pigeon poses, hamstring stretches, IT band stretches, chair poses, grateful frogs (made that one up), etc.

• Welcome Copperhead (easily the coolest name in the Badlands – if he doesn’t come back, YHC may just seek out a copperhead snake and get bit just for the name cha – and there YHC goes again, planning something stupid).
• Stupidity talk. YHC had jotted these points down on his Weinke only to forget to review them with the Pax, so here you go… Don’t be stupid. How can you NOT be stupid? By listening. Let us count the ways you should listen:
o Listen to your body.
o Listen to your M. Seek her out; spend quality time with her; do things together.
o Listen to your kids. Seek them out; spend quality time with them; do things together. See? It’s not that hard to NOT be stupid.
• Prayer of thanks for our physical gifts, and to respect them.

Always a pleasure. Thanks for coming out and stretching with me, I wouldn’t have done it without you. Namaste!

YHC out

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