Don’t Let Negativity Win Today!

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  • When: 03/20/2019
  • QIC: Saigon Sam
  • The PAX: McDreamy(respect), Air Bags (respect), Happy Feet, Rudy, Slash (respect), Duck (double respect), GNC, Zamboni (respect), Monty (respect), Bada Bing, Blowout

11 PAX posted at the Badlands this morning for my VQ!  Started with a quote from Ponte Vedra’s own Jon Gordon: Don’t let negativity win today! Remember it starts with you. If you are complaining you’re not leading.  If you are leading, you’re not complaining. One person can’t make a team, but one person can break a team. Stay positive! No energy vampires allowed.

Warm O Rama:  Q had some challenges following instructions during warm up but was able to rally thanks to help from  our veteran F3’s  keeping me straight!

  • Reecher (10)
  • Hillbilly (10)
  • Toy Soldier (10)
  • Michael Phelps (10)
  • Little baby arm circles forward, backward (10 each)
  • Merkins (20X OYO)
  • Side straddle hops (10)
  • Burpees (10 OYO)


  • Mosey to soccer field
  • In route – Carioca, Back pedal, Butt Kicks
  • At second parking lot, Bobby Hurley’s (20X), Merkins (10X) no recover…straight into Set of Shoulder Tap Planks (10), Side Plank (10 count each side) . Finish mosey!
  • Message at field: 2 things that will keep you from your destiny: 1. Listening to the naysayers. 2. Believing your fears and doubts.
  • DORA: Sprint width of field & back and as a team complete 50 Burpees, 100 Mountain Climbers (each leg), 100 Air Squats
  • Next PAX broke into 4 teams of 3 each for a circuit of Push-o-Rama to Mobility Work (20 yards) to Ab Work (5 sets) Encouraged the PAX that 30 reps were a minimum for each exercise.  Each group of hard chargers can push for max rep.  Q’s group went with 5 extra per set…. Ouch!
    1. Wide Merkins (Werkins) >>>>>> High Skip >>>>>>>    LBC’s
    2. Carolina Dry Docks >>>>>> Bear Crawl >>>>> >Flutter Kicks  (Bear crawl after Carolina dry docks hurt the shoulders…needed to dig deep and STAY Positive!)
    3. Diamond Merkins >>>>>> Walking Lunge >>>>>> American Hammer
    4. Single Leg Merkins >>>>>> Side Shuffle >>>>>>Hello Dolly’s
    5. Hand Release Merkins >>>>>> Frog Jumps >>>>>> Slow Bicycles
  • Indian Run back to Flag – Good work by Blowout pushing hard to the flag – well done!!!!

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Shared Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

5 ways to be more positive: 1. Practice Gratitude. 2. See challenges as opportunities. 3 Don’t listen to negative thoughts. 4. Feed yourself positive encouragement. 5. Choose Faith over fear.

Prayers – Healing for Rudy’s daughter, Job search for McDreamy, Monty’s M and Rudy, Q’s buddies Mike & Jerry who are going thru Cancer treatments and finally asked for GOD’s will and power to carry it out today! Stay Positive Men!

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