Birthday Beatdown! It’s Better to GIVE than Receive!

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  • When: 03/26/2019
  • QIC: Airbags (52!)
  • The PAX: Papa Smurf (Double Respect), McDreamy (Respect), Happy Feet, Doink and GNC.

QIC got the word out that today would NOT be a run day, hoping to get more that the 2 that posted last week! It worked. QIC arrived a few minutes early and was quickly joined by 5 PAX. F3 is non-denominational, but we do believer there’s a power in this world greater than us. The world does not revolve around us……….well except for today! QIC modified that today because it’s my birthday! (Joking about being all about me)
March 26, 2019 and 26 x 2 = 52. (Age of QIC today) Remember those numbers.

*What’s a birthday without birthday music! PAX would enjoy a variety of BIRTHDAY SONGS the ENTIRE workout! (Crowd Favorite was “Birthday” by Flo Rida….look it up)

*SSHs in cadence (13) *Which is really 26!
*LBCs in cadence (13)
*The Reacher in cadence (13)
*Prisoner Squats in cadence (13)
*Hillbillies in cadence (13)

*Mosey to Bear Crawl Hall, partner up.
*Partner carry to light pole, lunge to second light pole.
*Bear Crawl Merkins (yes, this was fun) to light pole.
*Lunge out of Bear Crawl Hall
*1 minute plank
*Mosey to 2nd parking lot
*Derkins with feet on top of fence in cadence. (13)
*1 minute plank
*Mosey to football field, partner up.
*Sit up/Merkin combo. Partner A in sit up position while Partner B is planking holding partner A’s feet. Both performing exercises in cadence. (Partner A sit ups and Partner B Merkins) *** A crowd favorite, especially Papa Smurf!!! (Okay, I’ll file this one in FILE 13…….looked good on paper!)
*Mosey to wall at football field, keeping partners.
*Group A, Donkey Kicks in cadence (13), Group B Planks. (Switch)
*Mosey back to parking lot.
*Derkins with feet on top of fence in cadence. (13)
*1 minute plank.
*Mosey back to Bear Crawl Hall.
*Lunge to first pole, Crawl Bear to second.
*1 minute plank with Plank Jacks (13 in cadence) at the 35 second mark. (Great audible reco from McD since we couldn’t be still during “Happy Dance” by Merci Me)
*Mosey to parking lot
*1 minute Air Chair
*4 Corners (of parking lot), Moseying in between
*Corner 1 – Prisoner Squats in cadence (13)
*Corner 2 – LBCs in cadence (13) (GNC counting……Q training)
*Corner 3 – Merkins in cadence (13) (Doink counting……Q training)
*Corner 4 – Air Jordans in cadence (13), yes in cadence. (McD refresher)
*Mosey to Outhouse, AYG Backward Run to flag
*SSHs (13)
*Flutter Kicks (13)
*Reacher (13)
*Hillbillies 13)

COT/Prayer Requests
Proverbs 21:26, “Sinners are always wanting what they don’t have; the God-loyal are always GIVING what they do have.”

Are you GIVING of yourself, your time, your (God’s) money, etc. Happy Feet, thanks for allowing me to piggyback off your message last week!

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