Post Players Beatdown

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  • When: 3/18/2019
  • The PAX: Fully Monty (Respect), Airbags (Respect), Pom Pom, Inside Out (Respect), Duck (Respect x2), Rudy, Zamboni (Respect), Skim, Doink, Saigon Sam (Respect), Bada Bing, Free Flow (Flow 2.0), Flow, Check Please

A week late but non the less it is up.  Thank you McDreamy (AKA … the The Matrix IT man!)


14 hearty men gathered for my VQ to celebrate a post “Players Championship/St Patricks Day”.  The PAX was challenged with the phrase “What does it mean to you by serving others?”


Warm Up

The Q asked the group what the winner’s score was at the Players Championship (Full Monty was to remain silent as the Q knew he had the correct answer)  (-16)  No response so the group started with…

Burpies (4 OYO)

SSH – IC (16x)

Another reminder of the Score – More Burpies (4 OYO)

Reacher (10x)

Michael Phelps (16x)

LBAC (Forward & Backward) (16x)

Burpies (4 more)

Hillbillies (16x)


The Thang!

A game of Catch me if you Can broke out…..

  • Pair up (P1 runs backwards while P2 does 10 merkins – catches P1 and they switch)

Since Outhouse wasn’t there we stopped to pay homage to his spirit and switch up to a “Piggy Back” catch me if you can.

  • Partner 1 carried partner 2 while partner 3 did 30 LBC’s. Tag and switch all the way to the end of the first parking lot.

Badlands 4 Corners

Station 1              Bolt 45’s (30X) & Bobby Hurley (30x) (High Knee)

Station 2              Peter Parkers (30x) & Mountain Climbers (30x each leg) (Back Pedal Station 3)

Station 3              Freddy Mercury (30X) & Iron Hammers  (30x) (Lunge to next station)

Station 4              Diamond Merkins (30x) & Carolina Dry Docks (30x) (Bear Crawl to next station)

Plank to the 6 is in

Short Mosey to Bear Crawl Hall

  • Bear Crawl to first light / Duck walk to restrooms (Pickle Pounders till 6 was in)
  • Since everyone was so quiet the Q threw in a round of “Howling Monkeys”
    • 15 brave souls individually led the group (one set of 10 humpers) (150 Howling Monkey Humpers
    • Not to be outdone… 4 more burpees (FOR THE TOTAL OF 16)


Mosey to Baseball Field

  • Blackjack (Plank Jacks on the left field foul line sprint to center field for merkins)
    • Rinse and Repeat ( Total 210 of each exercise)

Mosey back to the Flag

  • One more reminder of the golf scores resulted in 4 more burpees



  • Prayers – McDreamy’s job search


Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth

-Muhammad Ali

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