Christian Trask

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  • When: 04/03/19
  • QIC: Wahoo
  • The PAX: WMD, PapaSmurf, T-Bird, Inside/Out, Fergie (Welcome from Louisville)

Six men got better this morning in perfect weather.  I was proud to lead today and think this Pool Party Wednesday AO is going to hit its stride over the next few months.  EH boys, EH…

A year ago today, YHC lost a dear friend, Christian Trask.  Christian was intense, creative, adventurous, methodical, obsessively organized, a great friend and we named our son after him.  Whether he knew or not, he always pushed me to think outside of the box, challenge rules and give my best to whatever I was doing.  I loved him and I miss him.  Today was a honor to Q and for me a little celebration of my friend and my time with him.

Unfortunately Christian Trask never experienced the F3 life.  The three pack of F’s that starts when you voluntarily post at 5:30AM in the morning in the gloom.  Some come to us needing the Fitness but get the Fellowship and Faith as a byproduct.  Some, like myself, need more of the Fellowship and Faith (not claiming any physical prowess but being honest about the hook for me personally).  There are many men in our community who have not discovered the blessing of F3 and need our help.  So our challenge is simple – post and EH, post and EH, rinse and repeat.

Warm up: SSH, Hillbillies, MountainClimbers, DonQs, Reacher


Phase 1: Dora- Merkins 100, LBCs 200, Squats 300

Phase 2: Leg-o-rama – Box jumps, Skaters, SmurfJacks, Squats (15 each) – repeat

Phase 3: Basketball – Merkins, HelloDolly, BigBoySitUps, PlankJacks (15 each) – hops & lunge between

Phase 4: McDreamy Race – two teams – three stations, tag until single round complete – Balls to Wall, Run around the Circle, MountainClimbers

COT: Lift up McDreamy and other men in need.  EH…EH…

Peace.  Wahoo.


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