C3: Choice, Chance, Change (…or what I did after surviving the Pyramid of Death)

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  • When: 4/9/19
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Papa Smurf, Inside Out, Show and Tell, Rudy, Flo, Free Flo, Air Bags, Copperhead, Kodak

Nine smiling (sorta) faces greeted YHC on day 2 of the 4x challenge…rounding out an opportunity for the elusive EVEN number. Promising an appetizing blend of cardiotorture, YHC prepared them for the PYRAMID OF DEATH (cue the ominous music…dun, dun, duuunnn). In advance though, he asked them to consider C3…

Warm up

One arm SSH

Limp Michael (Phelps)

Peter Parker

Parker Peter

Birth Canal


Run to Atlantic Springs parking lot


Pyramid of Death—

  • Paired up: Fasthole with a Clydesdale
  • With each man running in opposite directions, each man did 25 merkins when meeting up on the other side of the lot (approx. ¼ mile)
  • After the second lap, escalated the effort by adding 25 LBCs each.
  • Continued as below, up and down the pyramid
  • Lap 10 was a victory lap

Lap 1 Merkins

Lap 2 Merkins/LBCs

Lap 3 Merkins/LBCs/Mountain Climbers

Lap 4 Merkins/ LBCs/Mountain Climbers/ Air Jordans

Lap 5 Merkins/ LBCs/Mountain Climbers/ Air Jordans/ Prisoner squats

Lap 6 LBCs/Mountain Climbers/ Air Jordans/ Prisoner squats

Lap 7 Mountain Climbers/ Air Jordans/ Prisoner squats

Lap 8 Air Jordans/ Prisoner squats

Lap 9 Prisoner Squats

Lap 10 Victory Lap


Mosey to brick loop in front of 20 Mile…Big NASCAR:  bear crawl or lunge all the way around


BOM: CR/NR/Prayers


Thought for the day…C3: Choice/ Chance/ Change


You must make a CHOICE, to take a CHANCE or things will never CHANGE…

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