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  • When: 4/16/2019
  • QIC: Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: McD (respect), Airbags (respect), and Rudy

Only 4 men posted in the Badlands on this cooler than usual morning.   Pregame talk included Tiger’s surprise victory at the Masters and the ability to overcome.   QIC posed the question:  What are you grateful for today?  The PAX responded with F3, family etc.

Warm-o-Rama- Reacher, Limp Member, Michael Phelps Monkey Humpers

(1) 11s Deconstructed Burpees inspired by Zamboni (10 merkins, 1 jump, 9 merkins, 2 jumps, ….)

(2) Indian Run 1/2 mile

(3) Partner Up-  (a) Partner 1 ran approximately 800 meters while partner 2 performed 10 HR merkins and 30 LBCs.  Partner 2 rinse and repeat exercises until partner 2 completed run. Switch.  (b) Same process except run approximately 400 meters while other partner performed 10 Bobby Hurleys and 20 Squats, rinsing and repeating exercises until other partner completed run.

(4) 4-2-1 minute FRBLs inspired by Zamboni (forward-right-back-left- 3 Burpees on “Down”)

(5) Mosey to flag and stretching- Limp member, Michael Phelps, Monkey Humpers

COT- Lunch this Wednesday at 4 Rivers.  Prayer requests included jobs and dealing with the loss of loved ones.


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