Compare Yourself to Yourself

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  • When: 04/18/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: McDreamy, blowout, Dollar Bill, check please, Skim, Outhouse, GNC, Rudy, FLO, Free FLO, full Monty, copperhead, Doink, Saigon Sam, Airbags, Bada Bing, Blackout, and visitors Harry Cary, senator Tressel,

The Thang!

QIC had one thought for the day…compare Yourself to Yourself. The previous day’s F2 lunch discussion was about EHing men and the big excuse was that they “had to get in shape before they joined the group.”

We all know that’s Bravo Sierra…we also know that that’s how Sad Clowns operate. So we must continue to EH those guys searching(even though they don’t know it) for something better.

Eighteen locals and two visitors showed up to get the day started off right…

Warm up…15 SSH, 15 DQ’s, 15 Alt shoulder taps, 15 reachers…mosey, karaoke right left and backwards.

toy soldier and bear crawl down bear crawl alley…ciabatta of merkins and flutter kicks interrupted by a 10 Burpee penalty for mumble chatter …mosey to parking lot for a round of suicides….then back to the baseball field to play home run derby…pair up with another Pax…one runs to center field/ one bear crawls around the bases to score 5 runs…

return to stands for a little more Ciabatta and then a run to the latrine for a balls to the walls…mosey to circle

count o rama/name o rama/ announcements and prayers…

Final thought for the day from the wise sage satchel Paige. “Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun is shining.”@@

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