Ode to Wrangler – Poseidon – 2019.04.20

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  • When: 04/20/19
  • QIC: SeatDown
  • The PAX: PapaSmurf (DD), BadaBing (DD.5), Outhouse, InsideOut, Zamboni, McDreamy, BlowOut, Osteen, T-Bird, CheckPlease, Pickle, SandCrab, Malware, BlackOut, YardSale, ShowNTell Guest PAX - CaptainD FNG - JudgeJudy

April Core Value:

Concept – Group is Stronger than Individual

Phrase – We lock shields to strengthen the whole, to protect the injured, and to watch our flanks; guarding against a world intent to attack

Verse – United we stand, divided we fall ~ Patrick Henry


His name makes him sound like a redneck, he skips countless workouts to surf, and he does more yoga than the whole BadaBing family combined… He is Wrangler.

Wrangler has persistently stood by me over the past few years; even in spite of my persistent crappiness… bailing on invitations, not returning calls and being a subpar shield lock in general.  So, I thought it was time to pay him some tribute.

After some heartfelt words and many tears from the PAX, the beatdown began.


Warm Up:

  • 42 SSH – in honor of Wrangler’s birthday, whenever it is
  • Don Quixote’s
  • Tempo Merkins
  • 30 punishment burpees for late arrivals
  • Tempo squats

McDreamy, wannabe surfer, educated the PAX that the muscles needed most for surfing were strong shoulders, arms, thighs, and core


The Thang:

Mosey to Playground for 20 Min with Cindy… in honor of Wrangler’s oldest daughter

  • 5 Pullups
  • 10 Merkins
  • 15 Airsquats
  • Lap around the play groupnd

Repeat until time


Mosey back to baseline of field and pair up for some BlackJack, since Wrangler has a horrible gambling problem

  • Wheelbarrow 20 yards
  • 16 Squats
  • Wheelbarrow back
  • 5 V-Ups

Repeat until you get to 5 Squats and 16 V-Ups


Split into 2 teams and head to the Anaconda… well, Wrangler didn’t get 4 kids by being un-gifted

  • Tug-o-War 3 rounds with reward exercises after each round

o    Team 1 Win (probably cheated) – 20 Burpees for Team 2 and 10 for Team 1

o    Team 2 Win – 20 burpees for Team 1 and 10 for Team 2 – PapaSmurf is a bitter man

o    Team 2 Wins and proves all time dominance


Mosey to the baseline because we all need to get better at running since we know Wrangler can’t

  • 50 yard dash down and back, running over small children and scaring women
  • 10 punishment burpees because Insideout (and about 10 others) are cheaters and will so anything to beat Osteen




  • Announcements:

o    All JAX Convergence 4/27 – 0700 – 1620 Marco Pl 32207

  • Pyro is providing coffee and biscuits afterwards on site

o    Orlando Spartan Sprint in September

o    Sawgrass Obstacle Course Race

  • 5/18 – 8am
  • $15 – no registration required… what could go wrong with that?
  • Flier does say to sign up at Foretees but we know McDreamy
  • Dudes! Zamboni is moving!!

o    He talks like he’s just buying another house, because he does that…  but its in Nashville

o    So give him hell, let him know that he’ll be missed… it’ll make him really uncomfortable

  • In honor of Wrangler being himself at all times, holding hugs longer than most… all because he believes it to be good… YHC shared some spoken word… Jimmy Needham “The Benediction”
  • Happy Easter

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