The 40% Rule

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  • When: 04/24/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: WMD, Inside Out, tone Deaf, Smog(visiting from Hilton Head)

David Goggins says we only use about 40% of our physical capabilities..we also have 2-3000 thoughts per hour and when it comes to exercising, we often tell ourselves that we can’t do this or that…HOGWASH I say…you can do way more than you think..

4 locals and one visitor showed up for a beautiful morning of work at Sunshine Park.  The Gladiators have returned but they will be gone  within a month or so. Smog posted from the Hilton Head AO and hopefully was rewarded with a good start to the day.

Tone Deaf was again unimpressed with the Q’s music selection but he humbly and graciously nailed the workout. The pool was used for a nice Ciabatta and the heart rate for going with box jumps and Derkins. All was going well moving towards the finish until Inside Out requested Burpees on the modified suicides…he’s sneaky that way..

count o Rama name o Rama and prayers …



SSH •15…DQ•10…MP•10..THE REACHER•10..alt shoulder taps •10…plank jacks •10

line up and bear crawl to sideline..karaoke/10 merkins/karaoke 10 merkins/ toy soldier/ 10 merkins/toy soldier 10 merkins. Bear crawl to music…mosey to the pool. Ciabatta. Squats/flutter kicks/merkins/plank.  Out of pool…box jumps merkins 1-10…mosey to field. 10 merkins run backwards to  midfield run forward back. 10 merkins. Length of field backwards. 10 merkins. Forward and 10 merkins…same deal with lunges  with big boy sit ups..inside out wanted Burpees and WMD wanted some squats…shuffle around the outside of the field  quicky Lohan to finish.

It is easy to take everything we have for granted. Today is a gift from God. Treat it that way.



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