Sweat Street

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4 Pax joined the gloom looking for some direction after a great convergence on Saturday.  There were some grumbling of soreness but, well you know, TOXIC.

Conditions: B…E…A…Utiful!

Warm Up All ICx10


Don Quixote


Leg Pendulum L/R

Karaoke down and back the “street”

The Thang (modified from a F3 Tally Beatdown)

Part I: Speed Lane

For 5 straight minutes, to really get the legs warmed up, a “launch lane” was established that was approximately 30 m.
Each PAX moves through the lane where you do a “fast run,” which is a speed that is in between your jogging and sprinting pace.
Mosey (jog) back to the starting line and repeat as many times as possible until 5 minutes is complete.
The key here is to keep moving and do not stop or walk.
Part II: EMOM Sweat Street

For each of the rounds, you perform the exercise, fast run about 30 m within the cones, and then mosey back to the start.
EMOM = every minute on the minute
I used my WOD timer. It counted down every minute. But that was just a teaser as we kept going the full duration.  Crowd pleaser.
Round 1 – 5 burpees and fast run x 5 minutes
Round 2 – 10 pushups and run backwards x 5 minutes
Round 3 – 15 air squats and fast run x 5 minutes
Round 4 – 5 V-ups and run backwards x 5 minutes
Round 5 – 5 jump squats and fast run x 5 minutes
Round 6 – 5 burpees and fast run x 3 minutes


2 rounds of 100’s  While sitting in the boat position (think American Hammer/Russian Twist) tapping the ground 10 times and on the tens, the PAX yells 10, 20, 30….until 100.


Prayers for Ellie, Finals week, and safe travels for Toxic.

”To truly appreciate joy, you must have endured pain. To relish happiness, you need some sadness, and to know good is to have been bad.”

We all have seasons but, you won’t be in them forever.  Appreciate the season you are in now and realize that your journey is enhanced by your experience.




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