Be a Quitter

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  • When: 4/30/2019
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Saigon Sam (respect), Flo, Kilgore, Air Bags (respect)

Tuesday has something of a reputation as a run day in Badlands / Goodlands, but today we went (relatively) light on the running and spent most of our time working through a circuit. Here’s what went down, though only after we worked our way through 20 penalty burpees for various and assorted crimes against humanity. (YHC got to bed late last night and admittedly had a hair-trigger finger this morning with regard to flagrant insubordination / blatant inattentiveness / shameful waywardness – yes, I’m looking at YOU, Saigon Sam, LOL).

WARM-UP: Mosey, SSH, Cotton Pickers / Reacher, Hillbilly, Merkins, Mountain Climbers

• Circuit Round I: 30 seconds of work, 8 seconds rest / move to next station
• Run Round I: 5-minute interval run – strong down the straightaways, jog the turns.
• Circuit Round II: 23 seconds of work, 7 seconds to rest / move to next station
• Run Round II: 2 min Elizabeth Warren run

• Dips (strength)
• Rapid SSH (aerobic)
• Brickins (strength)
• Flutter kicks (core / abs)
• Side raises with bricks (strength)
• Squat press w/ sandbag (strength)
• Jump rope (aerobic)
• Diamond merkins (strength)
• Mountain climbers (aerobic)
• Balls to the light pole (strength)
• Side plank on R hand or elbow, L leg pulse (core / abs)
• Monkey humpers (strength)
• Side plank on L hand or elbow, R leg pulse (core / abs)
• Burpees (aerobic)
• Lunge pulses with bricks overhead – R leg back (strength / aerobic)
• Shoulder shrugs with sandbags (strength)
• Lunge pulses with bricks overhead – L leg back (strength / aerobic)
• LBCs (abs)
• Weighted calf raises, sandbag each hand (strength)
• Slam ball (strength / aerobic)

Some observations from the workout…

• It’s breathtaking to watch Flo work the jump rope, like transporting back to the late 1970s and seeing a young Sugar Ray Leonard dance his way through his rope routine. As opposed to the “no mas” Roberto Duran-like gasps of capitulation from YHC. Flo is a beast; reminds me of Check Please, Peg, O’Steen, a young Snaggle (oh, snap! – did I just say that?! Love you Snaggle!)

• Kilgore… Man, this is what I love about F3 workouts, watching guys push themselves. Kilgore pushed it hard on 5-minute interval run – seriously inspirational, Kilgore. Thank you for working so hard. You made my day!

• Saigon Sam malevolently and unforgivingly treated the slam ball like a rented government mule. The grunts were sweet music to our ears.

• Air Bags floating along – yes, he was LITERALLY floating, his feet not touching the ground – during the running segments. I’ve seen some economical runners in my day – one of YHC’s brothers-in-law ran in the 1984 Olympic marathon, as some of you know – and Air Bag’s form is enough to make one weep with joy.

• Count / Names

The importance of quitting: Think about how you live your life, and what activities you are engaged in only because you’ve been doing them for a long time. Quit doing them. Psychologically, this can be tough, because we are wired to not give up on things that we’ve sunk emotional / intellectual / monetary capital into. YHC, for example, decided to take up swimming while in the throes of ongoing leg injuries incurred from running. I invested in the fins, the boards, hand paddles, goggles, lessons, etc., and after more than a year of pushing myself and thoroughly not enjoying it, finally said, “F**k it.” Giving up something I had invested significant time and money into was hard, but I was able to do so because I had tried something new – yoga – and found that I love it. So while I incurred a “loss” on swimming – and to be clear, swimming is fine, it’s just not for me – I have realized a more than offsetting gain on yoga. (Though I’m still about as flexible as a yellow pine 2×4.) So… Do not let the time or money that you have spent on low-value activities control how you will spend your time going forward. Try new things. Seek out high value, the things that you enjoy! Life is short (wrote the 55-year-old YHC). Quit whatever does not add value so that you can free up time for things that are actually worth your time and make you happy. Be a quitter!

• Prayers for family members dealing with unknown back pain, with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and for everything unspoken.

Always a pleasure and honor to lead. YHC is out!

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