Boondocks Tuesday Launch

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7 PAX posted in the “stadium lit” gloom at Boondocks: 50 Cent, Aquaman, Butcher, Culpepper, Doink, Twister, and Updraft.

Warm-UP: Phelps, Quixote, Reacher, Toy Soldier, Straight-Leg Imperial Walker, Windshield Wiper, and SSH.

BeatDown: We ran 75% of the circumference of the AO. We stopped 12 times. At each stop we added one of the below exercises.
1x Body Builder
2x Sumo Squats
3x Burpees
4x 4ct Flutter Kick
5x Hand-Release Merkins
6x Smurf-Jacks
7x SuperShoulders
8x American Hammer
9x Merkins
10x 4ct Mountain Climbers
11x V-Ups
12x Pull Ups

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