Motivated by Action…or Active by Motivation?

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  • When: 5/01/2019
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Outhouse, Inside Out, Papa Smurf, Tone Deaf

Five brave men met in the gloom of Sunshine Park…water wings and moonscreen in hand. They wanted to PARTY!! Before the festivities began, YHC asked them this probing question: do actions spur motivation or vice versa? The responding mumblechatter indicated that it was clearly too early for such philosophical ponderings…


So…what had happened at the PARTY was…

Mosey lap to lighthouse around swings and to skate park entrance.


  1. Warmup

Seal Jacks

Limp Michael (Flaccid Phelps)

Moroccan Night Clubs



  1. Jacobs Ladder (11s) Merkins/ Groiners on skate park hills


  1. Pool Fun

Partner up

R1: P1 ‘pool ups’ (runs up wall), P2 runs skate park (switch)

R2: ascending testicles

R3: 10 dips/ 10 flutters


  1. (To steps)—Aiken legs: 20 prisoner squats, 20 box jumps, 20 gorilla humpers, 20 skater lunges (2rds)


  1. (To BB Court) Wheel of Merkin Suicides

Broad jump to FL—20 diamond merkins, backward run to BL (Diamond, wide, SR, SL at FL, HC, FL, BL., respectively.


  1. Gassers: 3 rds of 50% for 25 yrs and 100% for 50 yds



BOM: CR/NR/Announcements/ Prayers


Action isn’t just the effect of motivation…it’s also the cause of it!

Most of us wait on emotional inspiration, to lead to motivation, and finally, desired action.

Motivation is fickle and fleeting… thus we must become MOTIVATED BY OUR ACTIONS.

Obey the ‘do something’ principle for the stuck places in your life…

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