Guest Q at ANCHOR (5/11/19) — Welcome F3 Pothole who will be bringing a FUN game! PRE-BLAST BELOW

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  • When: 05/11/19
  • QIC: F3 Pothole (Lake Murray)

When: Saturday, May 11 — 0700 at ANCHOR
Where: Memorial Park (1620 Riverside Ave)
QIC: Pothole from F3LakeMurray, South Carolina
Congratulations F3 Jacksonville, you just celebrated 4 years of sweat inducing, friendship strengthening, leader generating, faith building fellowship with men you may have never spoken a single word to. But you took the red pill, clapped the dirt off your shoes, and headed into the gloom, not knowing what you’d be getting into. And you did it willingly. Because as we’ve learned from F3: it’s not always about me, but the men either side of me.
So you’ve been coming out on Saturday for the last 4 years. You’ve gotten better in so many areas of your fitness. You run faster. You do more pushups. You’re not (as) winded when you take the stairs. It’s now time to take your fitness in a slightly different, and potentially more exciting direction. Allow me to introduce to you the awesomeness that is: handball.
No, not the kind you played as a kid slapping a little blue ball against a wall. If you’re not familiar with handball, picture this – It’s like ultimate Frisbee, but with a ball similar to a youth soccer ball. Traditionally, instead of catching the ball in an “end zone” like ultimate, you will throw the ball passed a goalie into a youth soccer goal.
Come out Saturday, May 11, for a light warm-up and a friendly game of handball
I won’t bore you with all of the setup, but the sweet spot is a youth soccer field with painted lines and youth soccer goals. Picture the soccer fields you take your kids to soccer games and practices.
Pre-Game Stuff
– Separate into 2 teams
– Choose team color pennies. Pennies are helpful if you have a large group. As we get older, our memories aren’t the same as they once were and you might forget who’s on your team.
– Establish early on any rules
Game Play:
The objective is simple – get the ball into the goal.
The rules are simple – 
1. Advance the ball by passing it.
2. Take no more than 3 steps. If you received the ball while standing still, you can take 3 steps before getting rid of the ball. If you caught the ball while running, do not take more than 3 steps after receiving. Now if you’re in a full stride sprint, you might not be able to stop in exactly 3 steps. Honor system. Don’t continue to run with the ball after you catch it.
3. If you’re within distance and you think you can make the shot, throw the ball passed the goalie and into the goal. The ball is allowed to hit the ground before going in.
4. You CANNOT be inside the small goalie box when you take a shot. However, you can receive a pass within the box, but you can’t shoot.
5. If you shoot the ball and it is deflected, the ball is still live.
6. If you attempt a pass and the ball is dropped, the ball is dead to your team and is turned over to the other team.
7. There are no “downs”. If your team keeps catching, you maintain possession. If you drop it, it gets turned over.
8. If the ball is deflected by the goalie *inside* the box, it belongs to the goalie. If it’s deflected outside the box, it’s fair play. We established this rule to keep everyone from trampling the goalie. Don’t need anyone going home with a broken clavicle.
9. If the ball is deflected outside of play by the goalie or opposite team player, a corner throw in is attempted. (think corner kicks in soccer).
10. If a ball is thrown out of play, the opposite team gets a thrown in.
That’s about it. You’ll get it after a few minutes. If you’ve played ultimate Frisbee, you’ll get this. If you played baseball or quarterback, you’ll love throwing in goals. If you love sports in general, you’ll love it.
Trust me when I say wear cleats if you have them. Bring sticky receiver gloves if you have them.
We’ll do a light warm-up workout beforehand.
Handball has brought a fun resurgence to F3LakeMurray. We play Saturday mornings after a 45 minute workout and on Sunday nights – which we dubbed, The Ocho (Dodgeball movie fans will get that reference). Workouts are one of the core foundations of F3. But so is fellowship. And what says fellowship to men better than a friendly game of running, throwing, and scoring?
Do it. Take the red pill and play some handball!

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