On the BALL!

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  • When: 05/06/2019
  • QIC: Airbags
  • The PAX: McDreamy (Respect), Dollar Bill, Slash (Respect), Outhouse, Squeege/Semi-colon (Respect), Full Monty (Respect), Saigon Sam (Respect), Boy Wonder, Copperhead, Duck (DOUBLE Respect), Blackout (Respect), Inside Out, Aquaman, and yes, Schweddy! (Welcome)

14 PAX joined YHC on a warm MONDAY morning! Mondays are always tough, so YHC planned to start the week off right with a BALL! (Literally) Example for anyone who hasn’t Q’d, or Q’d in a while, YHC did entire Q with no Winky! Not using your Winky is tough!

*SSHs with Tennis Ball under chin.
*Burpee penalty if ball falls from under chin.
*Mosey lap holding ball above head in right hand.
*Mosey lap with ball above head in left hand.
*Mountain Climbers
*Mosey lap with ball above head, both hands.

*Double line Indian run to Bear Crawl Hall.
*Fence jump, run for 1 minute. PAX throws their ball on the baseball field as far, or as short as they like, get ball, jump fence and return. (Farther you throw your ball, the more you run during the minute. Shorter your throw your ball, the more fence jumps you do in a minute.)
*Bear Crawl to light pole, Lunge to end.
*Dips (25), Plank for SIX.
*Merkins (25), Plank for SIX.
*Derkins (25), Plank for SIX.
*Mosey to football field.
*Line Up – 100 yards in 10 yard increments, then Plank for SIX. Each PAX had to decide how they got to the next 10 yard marker. Key: Mosey, Walk and Skipping were NOT allowed, and you can’t do the SAME method twice.
*50 yard Gasser. Plank for SIX.
*Mosey back to end zone.
*Plank for 1 minute with 10 Merkins at 45 and 25 second marks.
*Mosey back to parking lot #1
*Ball relay. Partner #1 runs and places ball on 1st island while partner #2 does Merkins. Repeat.
*Partner #1 runs and places ball on 2nd island while partner #2 does LBCs. Repeat.
*Partner #1 runs and places ball on 3rd island while partner #2 does Merkins. Partner #2 runs to 3rd island after Partner #1 starts planking.
*Feel the Love – Partner #1 throws ball as far as they like while partner #2 goes and gets it. Both partners meet at island #2.
*Partner #2 – does same for Partner #1.
*Mosey to Outhouse.
*Partner Relay run to flag
*SSHs with ball under chin.
*Merkins with ball under chin.

*COT / Prayer Requests
*Welcome SCHWEDDY! (With Balls being the theme of the workout, this poor FNG got a name that precedes the workout message!)

*”On the Ball”
*knowledgeable and competent
*alert, in command of senses, attentive
*understands the situation well
*quick to understand and react to a situation
**Are you ON THE BALL in life! (With friends, with F3, with your co workers, with your faith, with your kid and with your M)


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