What is Your Why?

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  • When: 05/13/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Duck,Squeege, Rudy, GNC, Aquaman, FLO, FREE FLO, Outhouse, Dollar Bill, Blowout, Wasted, Snaggle, Airbags, McDreamy, Check Please, Skim

Why are you working out?  Why are you doing what you do?  That’s the question of the day…

18 Pax showed up in the gloom to make themselves better leaders, better husbands, and hopefully get in better shape… the Q was still sore and unsure if he could make it through his own workout after O’Steen’s beatdown Saturday, but Goggins says we only use 40 % of what God has gifted us…so, let’s push to improve..


Warm Up…15 michael Phelps/ 15 LBAC FORWARD/backwards..15 SSH..15 plank jacks.. maybe flutter kicks  can’t remember.


Tammy Wynette…stand by your man..pax partners and does 10 each of squats and merkins…

Route 66..escalating burpees at each stop light…up to five burpees.  Mosey to fat parking lot..

King of Hearts ..suicides of various kinds(straight, karaoke, toy soldier)with merkins at each stop…  flutter kicks In cadence.mosey to football field. Light sprints.  20 big boy sit ups and flutter kicks at each finish.  mosey to bear crawl alley…bear crawl to first light post. Lunge to second. 40 box jumps…1 minute of butterfly stretch. Mosey to street.  End with Route 33. Run to second light. do 20 merkins. Run down and around the parking lot to finish.

COT. BOM.  prayers asked for and sent up to Him…QIC always grateful to play bad music and listen to the mumble chatter during the Q…strap on your gratitude glasses today men!

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