RUN for Your Life!

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  • When: 05/14/2019
  • QIC: Airbags
  • The PAX: Papa Smurf (Double Respect), Dollar Bill and Kodak.

QIC alerted everyone prior to Tuesday that it would be a RUN DAY! A trip to the PV bridge with no surprises! (Okay maybe 200 surprises!)

*Limp Member (OYO of course)
*Michael Phelps
*LBACs forward
*LBACs backward
*Downward Dog Stretch

*Question to think about during Mosey: “What are you running to, or running from?”

The THANG: (Tunes provided by KISS)
*Mosey to base of PV bridge, increasing pace last 100 yards
*25 Merkins
*25 LBCs
*Mosey up bridge with each PAX member having a turn leading and controlling pace.
*Top of bridge, 25 Bridgekins and 25 BB Sit Ups.
*Mosey down bridge and down road to last road sign before PV Outdoors. (Again different PAX leads)
*25 Merkins and 25 LBCs
*Mosey back up hill and bridge to top. (Different PAX leads)
*Top of bridge, 25 Bridgekins and 25 BB Sit Ups.
*Mosey back to flag
*Prayer Requests / COT (PS doctor appointment, parenting, finances, etc.)

*Are you running TO your Family or FROM them?
*Are you running TO Conflict or FROM it?
*Are you running TO Your Savior or FROM him?

*Quick story – QICs Dad took him to his first concert February 17, 1977. It was KISS, thus the reason for tunes from KISS this morning. QIC had tickets to see KISS April 12, 2019 in Jax during their Farewell Tour. QICs Dad passed away April 11, 2019. It wasn’t meant to be. That memory from 1977 was meant to be had by QIC and his Dad only! If you are blessed to still have family members men, RUN TO THEM!

*Psalm 37:39, “The spacious, free life is from God, it’s also protected and safe. God-strengthened, we’re delivered from evil – when we run to him, he saves us.”

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