Take the Long View

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  • When: 05/15/2019
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Air Bags (Hallelujah!), Semi-Squeege (mucho respect), Peg (hope the heavy traveling is over, at least for a while), Kodak (Happy Birthday!), Flo (thanks for fetching the slam ball!), GNC (killed the Hallelujah runs), Wasted (good work out there young man), Bada Bing (once again making everything look easy), Blowout (penalized 15-yards for intentional side throw of the slam ball) and Duck (deserving of more than double respect).

Like his esteemed colleagues Schhhnaggle and Outhouse, YHC toils in the noble world of financial services. It’s a complex business, one where titans of finance master esoteric 21st-century concepts such as “crypto-currency,” “derivatives pricing” and “losing one’s shirt.”

Lately, US investors have endured a bit of shirt-lossage. With profit-impacting tariffs implemented last Friday on Chinese products and threats of more on the way, the stock market cratered Monday. Even with Tuesday’s uptick – a dead-cat bounce, some fear – the S&P 500 is off 3.5% from its April 30th high.

The message US investors have sent is clear: While economic populism is alive and well in certain wings of a major political party, it is non extant on Wall Street. YHC gets it – capital markets reflect economic expectations; they do no promote economic patriotism. Still, the sight of swooning stocks in the face of potential profit-margin compression bothers YHC. For decades, literally decades, China has hosed the US on trade, subsidizing its industries, blocking US access to certain markets, etc. To correct this, we should be willing to endure some short-term pain for long-term benefit.

And (here comes YHC’s buttery smooth segue from chest-thumping political tirade to the introduction of the morning workout) that’s exactly what we did today at 5:30am – we gathered to endure some short-term pain that served to strengthen us for the long run.

• Mosey to down to Jessica Field, stopping for SSHs, Michael Phelps, Mercans, and Hillbillies along the way.

The Workout
• Bear Crawl Ball Toss. Pax lines up by the goal post and proceeds to take turns throwing the 30-lb slam ball as far as possible. Pax does LBCs while a Badlander gets up and tosses ball. When it lands, the pax bear crawls to the ball. (Modify to crab walk or lunge if needed – it’s a long 100 yards). Next Badlander tosses it; Pax bear crawls, and so on. Stop at goal post at far end of field. YHC thanks the Pax for indulging him and trying something new, but with 11 Badlanders out today, we didn’t get enough ball tosses per man. YHC will think about how to refine this…
• Saigon Sams. Named after Double S because he called these out as particularly malevolent exercises when YHC last Q’d. Side plank on left elbow, raise right leg 5x. Then switch to right elbow and raise left leg 5x. Repeat 5x, for 25 reps each leg.
• Hallelujah Brick Run. Run to far goal post. Grab two bricks. Run back to other goal post with bricks held at least chin high. 50 big boy sit ups. Run back to other goal post with bricks held high. LBCs. Back to the other goal post for flutter kicks, and back again for more ab work. YHC kept asking Air Bags for a “Hallelujah” and Air Bags kept delivering, so we kept running!
• Bear Crawl Ball Toss. We had left the slam ball at the far end of the field, so we had to get it back!
• Parking lot work:
o Mucho chesto with the bricks, so we could go extra deep (that’s what sh – never mind).
o Dips. Feet up on curb, 20 dips. Leg one raise, 10 dips. Switch legs for another 10, and then close with another 20 with both feet on curb.
o Mountain climbers – 50 each leg. 2x.
o Brickurpees. Burpees with the bricks. 12 reps OYO.
o Mosey back to flag.

YHC again expressed his disdain for the short-term thinkers on Wall Street. We did something that YHC doubts few Wall Streeters did this morning – the Pledge of Allegiance. Name-a-rama, Kodak noted it’s his 39th birthday so we squeezed in 39 mercans — was running a bit too late for 39 burps! (Next year Kodak will remember to tell us it’s his birthday as he’s pulling out of the parking lot!)

Announcements included the F2 event today and the Sawgrass obstacle race on Saturday (being a Sawgrass resident, YHC plans to have his butler run it for him). Prayers for Squeege’s son (that he doesn’t overdo it trying to impress the hot physical therapist) and for all needs unspoken. Always a pleasure… YHC out!

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