We only live once. Wrong! We only die once.”

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  • When: 05/25/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Endo, Billie Jean King(welcome), the Force, Wrangler, Show and Tell, Housekeeping, Blowout, Blackout, Outhouse, Jumanji, Zamboni, Tone Deaf, Boilermaker, Bedpan, GNC, Bob the Builder, Pyro, Bloomer, Check Please, Pull ups, welcome FNG’s, BLUE, Hacker, EPT, and Middie..

Approximately 25 showed up for a pre Murph beatdown. There were some FNG’s, some late arrivals, and a visit from John Law…the early morning light seems to make the Pax show up early and in numbers.

The thought for the day was a simple one from Charles Schulz, Charlie Brown’s creator…

Charlie says to Snoopy..”you only live once,” and Snoopy replies(as a talking dog would), “Wrong. We only die once. We live every day.”


Gentle mosey halfway around the park with Zamboni leading the way…circle up to go through the formalities.  And then things got funky…

WARM UP….Michael Phelps •15/ Pamela Anderson •15/ SSH•15/ ATS•15/ Reacher •10

mosey to end of field. Split into 2 groups. Indian bear crawl to end of field 2x…mosey to side of field. 1 legged hops. 2x. 10 merkins at each stop. Same for karaoke. Moseyed around to the pool with a stop for a wall sit…flutter kicks in cadence and then 10 dips.

20 box jumps OYO

Skaters call the cops…

tennis court  balls to the walls

back to field  Red Barchetta

4 corners next  burpees/ merkins squats/ mt climbers..

finish with Ciabatta   Cops join us in planking …

announcements/ prayer requests  prayed for all those in need and to keep us from getting thrown in jail…Q’s memory is not good so there is some stuff that may or may not have been done. Always grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a great F3 workout!!!



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