Game of Throws

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  • When: 05/28/19
  • The PAX: Pyro, Feud, Pud, Heisenberg, Jumanji, Dialup - R, Seatdown


Summer is coming…..

The moistness of Jacksonville south of the wall that divides Florida from Georgia, 8 PAX meet to see who was merciful or evil in the Game of Throws.

YHC talked about the Hecostick (Hand Eye coordination stick) he bought for his 2.0, who by the way came up with the game, but the name was from YHC.


We moseyed to the racquetball court, this was a first. At no time have we ever warmed up there.

  • Hillbilly 15 IC
  • Wall sit LBAC fwd 15 IC
  • Wall sit LBAC bck 15 IC
  • Wall sit Miyagi 15 IC

Donkey Kick time bomb 10 – 1, I think this was the first time Pyro cussed…much mumblechatter here…this just flat sucked.

Game of Throws round 1.

Throw the Hecostick around, you catch with either hand, you do 10 merkins, everyone else air chair. But if you miss, you airchair, everyone else 5 burpees.  Do you do the punishment, or pass it around…first time was about 50/50.

Break – Tempo prisoner squat 15 IC

Round 2 catch with Left hand only. Same punishment…some very acrobatic and ninja like moves…all caught, except YHC who allowed all to do burpees.

Mosey to basketball court.

Crawl bear-i-cides – 5/10/15/20 Carolina Drydock on return. Suck #2.

Round 3 Game of Throws…catch black handle..we have ninjas here. Good job.

Mosey to Pavilion 11’s dips/irkins…down back up. Somehow Seatdown did more dips and did derkins. Something lost in translation.

Calf raises for the 6.

Circle up.

Prayers – Heisenberg, people in Ohio (tornado).

Praise – Dialups Job.

Announcements – Soles for Souls.

Naked Moleskin – when you do you stop worrying as a parent? Never. My father to this day worries, wants the best for his children and grandchildren. You are always a parent and no matter what always care.


My pleasure to Q gentlemen!

Until we sweat again (that can be taken WAY out of context)




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