Have you identified your challenge?

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  • When: 5/28/2019
  • QIC: Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: Gump, Airbags (respect), Papa Smurf (double respect), McDreamy (respect)

Last Tuesday, the QIC encouraged the PAX to find a challenge.  Today, the QIC asked: Have you identified your challenge?  The PAX discussed various races this Summer, a mud run, and a Spartan.   With that in mind, the workout began.

Warm-O-Rama:  Reacher IC, Limp Member OYO, SSH IC


(1) Run .5 miles to soccer fields

(2) 50 LBCs 2x

(3) Indian Run .6 miles to entrance of Davis Park

(4) Run to first baseball fields near flag- 1 minute wall sit

(5) Run to softball fields near second parking lot-  3 sets of 10 dips on benches

(6) Run to football field-  run 100 yards 4x; rest; run 100 yards 4x-  10 monkey humpers after each 100 yard run for a grand total of 80 monkey humpers.

(7) 50 LBCs 2x; 20 flutters IC

(8) 2 minute wall sit

(9) Mosey to second parking lot- partner up.  Partners run in opposite direction around the parking lot, meet and perform 20 LBCs each.  Rinse and Repeat for 7 minutes.

(10) Total-  3+ miles at various paces, 300+ LBCs

COT:  F2 this Wednesday- Details to come.   Praises for McD’s job and prayers for new jobs, health, marriages and parenting.    Identify your challenge!

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