Maintaining Your Motivation

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  • When: 05/29/19
  • The PAX: Papa Smurf, McDreamy, Show & Tell, Tone-Deaf, FNG-Bevo

Today’s message was to keep focus on your personal motivation for being out in the suck.  Everyone has one, and it’s important to keep it in the front of our mind when you’d rather fartsack then get up and get better.  I’ve been one to look for any excuse to miss a workout and it’s time for me to fix it.

 “If the fire in your heart is strong enough, it will burn away any obstacles that come your way”

6 PAX joined me this morning to help me along with my VQ, with the added treat of welcoming BEVO.


-Mosey half lap around soccer field and meet at the center circle.

-15 count Side Straddle Hops

-15 count Seal Jacks

-12 count Reacher

-12 count Don Quiote

-12 count Pickle Pounder

-12 count Pickle Pointer

-12 count Big Boy Situps OYO

Mosey to Soccer Field Endzone


Modified DMC-Bear Crawl to 10 yd line – 5 Merkins, Lunge Back to Endzone and 5 Air Squats, add 5 Merkins and 5 Air Squats at each yd line (10, 20, 30, 40)

Return to Endzone

Modified Spartan:

-100% effort Sprint 100 yds drop and do 5 Merkins walk back to endzone

Repeat x 15

AB Work:

-15 count Rosalita Wip

-15 count Big Boy Situps

-15 count flutter kicks

-15 count Side Straddle Hops

Count o rama, Name o rama

Great work out there fellas, Spartan took longer than expected, but I believe it got us out of our comfort zone a bit.  FNG BEVO tore it up as well, looking like a F3 veteran.

I appreciate y’all helping me along with the commands and what-not, still a little shaky on the protocol, but starting to get the hang of it.

One last quote to leave y’all with”

“Failure only happens when you lose your willpower to continue trying…If we let the obstacles get the best of us then it was our choice to fail, not fate.”

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