156,000 Men Waiting…

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  • When: 06/05/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Boilermaker, Sandcrab, Outhouse, Bedpan, Show and Tell, Inside Out, Heisenberg, Tone Deaf, T-Bird, Wahoo,

On the eve of the greatest battle perhaps in the history of mankind, 156,000 Allied troops slept knowing that the fate of the whole world was in their hands…their WHY was simple. Defeat Hitler and make him account for his atrocities.

Ours can be simple as well but we can make them complicated. The Q’s WHY is simple…His faith and His family.

What is your why?


Warm up

capri lap…SSH-•20/MP•20/Pamela Anderson •20/plank jack •20/DQ•20/Reacher•20

mosey to the tennis courts…a couple of rounds of Donkey kicks, wall sits , and chicken peckers…

mosey back to the field. For some 10’s. Sprint 10 merkins•2/ karaoke 10 merkins•2/toy soldier 10 merkins •2/ bearcrawl 10 squats•2

mosey to the end line. Lt. Dan Taylor length of field and back..

10 Burpees for Boilermakers on time arrival..Please accept the Q’s apology Boilermaker…at least you posted.

pair up Colonel Trautman(run 20 yds. 3 pull ups/partner does 5 fingertip or ten merkins)

cirlce up. Stand by your Man(partner. 100 merkins 100 squats).

Thats a wrap.

prayers for patience, Bedpan’s meeting, and all of those men who have fought for and died for our freedom to workout.

What is your WHY?

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