Poker Run – The Badlands

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  • When: 06/06/2019
  • QIC: Flo
  • The PAX: Saigon Sam, BooShay, Airbags, Bada Bing, Dollar Bill, Snaggle, Squeege, Gump, Bloomer, GNC, Outhouse, Check Please, Full Monty

14 PAX gathered ITG for the Inaugural Badlands Poker Run

After taking a moment to recognize the significance of June 6th (D-DAY), we got down to business..


SSH x 10

Michael Phelps x 10

LBAC Forward x10

LBAC Backwards x10


PAX divided into 4 teams, and where given 1 of 5 locations to start the Poker Run. Each location was equipped with specific instructions and playing cards…

1 – Football Field (JDL)


Lunge to 50 – Sprint to Goal

Bunny Hop to 50 – Sprint to Goal

Bear Crawl to 50 – Sprint to Goal

Run backwards to 50 – Sprint to Goal

****Plank til the 6****

Take a Card and Proceed to Station 2 (Parking Lot 1)


2 – Parking Lot 1


3 Suicides – Middle- island / Far Island

50 Body weight Squats

**** SSH til the 6****

Take a card and proceed to Station 3 (Concession Stand) 


3 – Concession Stand


50 Dips

25 Mountain Climbers

25 Elevated Merkins

25 Bench Jumps / Step Ups

50 Flutter Kicks

**** Shoulder Taps til the 6****

Take Card and Proceed to Station 4 (Outfield)


4 – Outfield

50 LBC’s

25 Hello Dolly’s

20 Big Boy Sit Ups

15 Jane Fondas (Per Side)

10 No Handed Get Ups

****Seal Jax til the 6****

(Take a card and proceed to Station 5 – AO Parking Lot)


5 – AO Parking Lot

10 Medicine Ball Slams

10 Man Makers

10 Burpees

25 Baby arm circles forward

25 Baby arm circles backwards

3 Parking lot laps

****Air Chair to the 6****

(Take a Card and proceed to Station 1 – JDL Football Field) 



When return, continue to complete exercises until last team returns.

10 – Hand Release Merkin’s

10 – Burpees

25 – LBC’s


Upon returning to the AO, each team had the opportunity to “ante – in” for additional cards, only one team wagered 5 bur-pees for an additional card…..they got a 4 of clubs which absolutely was useless for their hand….

Winning team returned with a pair…….





Ask yourself “What breaks my heart?” and “What makes me come alive? or what am I most passionate about?”


The place those two things intersect is where we should find a place to serve.

(ie, if the homeless breaks your heart, and you feel “alive” when working with your hand, go volunteer to build a home)


Complete at least one service project, volunteer, etc with an organization this summer.















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