The Power of Now

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  • When: 06/12/2019
  • QIC: ShowandTell
  • The PAX: Boilermaker (respect), Papa Smurf (double respect), Sandcrab (double respect), TBird

4 Pax showed up this morning at the Pool Party eagerly awaiting a beatdown.  This was only my second Q, and YHC definitely did not want to disappoint the faithful PAX that regularly post.  Once again, I was hoping the PAX would not like the workout, which ironically makes the PAX like the workout!  I played a solid playlist of Hard Rock music consisting of Kiss, Iron Maiden, Crazy Lixx, Judas Priest, and so on and so forth.  My playlist was blaring for a solid 46 minutes, and even turned the heads of our “competition” so to speak, the Camp Gladiators.  The weather was extremely swampy this morning, paving the way for another solid sweaty beatdown.  Shall we throw in a message, or Quote for the Day?  Sure why not?  Hence, at the warm up, and throughout the Q, the message of the day was —  The Power of Now.

The Warm Up

Mosey (cariocas x 2, high knees, butt kicks) around soccer field and to playground.  10 pullups OYO.

The Thang

Mosey to pool.  Shadow Boxing Relay.  Partner up fasthole, and clydesdale.  One partner at bottom of pool shadow box — jab, jab cross, jab cross hook, jab cross hook hook, jab cross hook hook uppercut, jab cross hook hook uppercut uppercut.  Repeat until partner returns.  Other partner runs a lap around the pool.  Total of 3 rounds boxing and 3 rounds running for each PAX.

Mosey to BBall Court.

Circle up for some exercises IC

SSH — 10, Tempo Merkins — 10, Hillbilly — 10.

At this point YHC attempted to mosey, Boilermaker pulled a veteran move and asked to do another exercise — the fire hydrant (it is unclear if boilermaker brought up this exercise because he was tired or not, but YHC decided to play along).

Mosey to soccer field.  10 burpees were handed out for Boilermaker’s attempt to get a breather.

The Pyramid of Death.  10 laps total.  Laps 1-5 have the corresponding number of exercises, increasing by one each time.  Lap 1 – 1 exercise, Lap 2 – 2 exercises, etc, etc.  Laps 6-10 decrease in exercises by one.  Lap 6 — 4 exercises, Lap 7— 3 exercises, etc, etc.  Lap 10 – no exercises!  Partner up with fasthole and clydesdale.  Start at the goal line, around the end zone of the soccer field.  Each man runs in opposite directions.  When you meet up with your partner, do one exercise together.  When you meet up for Lap 2,  2 exercises together.  After Lap 5, start removing 1 exercise, beginning with the first one.  25 reps of each exercise.  Merkins, LBC, mt climbers, bobby hurleys, iron mikes.

Bear Crawl to the corner of the soccer field.


Returned to the message the Power of Now.  Urged the Pax, and YHC to live in the present, or live in the now.  The past is the past, and the future is an illusion, live in the moment and embrace it, and give it your 100%.  Finished with a quote from Echkhart Tolle:  “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.  Make the now the primary focus of your life.”  Count O Rama, Name O Rama.  Announcements — F2 lunch today at Chik Fil A (JTB and Butler).  Prayer requests – Airbags’s Uncle in law, and Boilermaker’s request for all spouses in general.  Ended with the Lord’s Prayer.  Thank you guys for allowing me to lead us ITG.  It was an honor!

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