Bridge to Somewhere

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  • When: 6/18/2019
  • QIC: Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: Duck (double respect), McD (respect), Gravy, Gump, Airbags

6 men descended on the Badlands with run day on their minds.   QIC was not secretive about the plan.  This would be a bridge suicide day, but the theme was Bridge to Somewhere as opposed to the more commonly used Bridge to Nowhere.   QIC encouraged the PAX to find those bridges to somewhere and use them as conduits to improve relationally, physically, spiritually, mentally and professionally.

Warm-O-Rama-  Limp Member OYO


  • Run to west side of 210 bridge performing 2 sets of 10 HR (Hand Release) Merkins along the way
  • Indian Run to top of the bridge followed by 10 Bridgeskins
  • Run  down the east side of 210 bridge ending near Palm Valley Outdoors (F2 this Thursday!), performed 10 HR Merkins
  • Indian Run back over 210 bridge to the west side followed by 10 HR Merkins
  • Catch Me If You Can from bottom of bridge to Gate Station – last man performed 1 diamond Merkin and then sprinted to the front
  • 10 HR Merkins at Gate Station
  • Quick Pace to Flag
  • Run Davis Parking Lot to surpass 4 miles
  • End with 10 HR Merkins
  • Total- 4+ Miles, 60 HR Merkins, 10 Bridgeskins, 5 or so Diamond Merkins

COT- F2 this Thursday at Palm Valley Outdoor.  Praises for Duck’s grandchild and prayers for AB’s uncle and mother-in-law and church issues.  The Bridge to Somewhere starts with Proverbs 3:5: “Trust in God and do not lean on your own understanding.”

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