Just Show Up…and Then Do Your Best!

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  • When: 06/22/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Boilermaker, Blowout, Check Please, Pickle, Sand Crab, GNC, Bob the Builder,O’Steen, Tone Deaf, Housekeeping, Stumpnocker, Prick(FNG), La Di Da(FNG), Mayhem(FNG), Outhouse, Bloomer, Gump, Endo, Seatdown,Dollar Bill, Gravy

Just Show up and Do Your Best..

21 pax showed up at the appointed hour and began to mosey…Burpees were not going to be a part of the Q but someone forgot to charge their Tesla and the Pax enjoyed doing 10 burpees halfway around the mosey..

Warm -Up

15 SSH•15 MP’s• The Reacher• Plank Jacks, Alt Shoulder Taps..maybe something else.

The Pax was very pleased with the Motown and melodious sounds of Earth Wind and Fire…so much so that they earned 10 burpees towards the workout!!!


mosey to the end line. Sprint to the other end of the field…10 merkins. Back. 10 merkins.

Mosey to Tennis court…Crazy Indian• Donkey Kicks  Chicken Peckers

mosey to playground via the skate park😉.

Control Freak merkins• coyote Ugly with partner + 50 squats and 50 leg ups.. mosey back to field…count off in 4’s  do the William Wallace…

mosey to side of Field…line up head to toe and roll from one sideline  like a Spartan race…(Q had serious issues with almost splashing Merlot…toy soldier from one side to other…then skip from one side to other

Apple Turnover…bear crawl/ crab walk width of field..

Circle up for a Ciabatta of flutter kicks and LBC’s..

Count o Rama. Name o Rama..COT..BOM…

prayer requests for patience , health, injuries, new life, and for those facing the end of life..

For all of those who showed up, it is safe to say they did their best. As always , the Pax looked out for each other to make sure the task was done   Very thankful for the Pax and their support!



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