“Game Day” presented by Boondocks 2.0

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The water was hidden on the turf field. It was a sunny AM, but everyone left properly drenched although ne’er a cloud was in the sky.

15 PAX posted in the humid gloom: 50cent, Butcher, Cool Breeze, Culpepper, Doink, Extinguisher, Gravy, Scholls, Twister (Q), Updraft, along with 2.0 FNGs with newly minted F3 names – Drop-In, Spike, & Bug (Doink x3), Triple Threat (Culpepper), and WebSlinger (Butcher).

As promised… a fun time for the 2.0’s, yet a beatdown for the HIMs. We transformed good-old camp games into a sweat-fest for all who posted. Seven “fun” events which brought out the kid and pain in all of us. 2.0’s completed modified versions of all exercises.

  1. Warm-up
  2. “Burpee Flower”
  3. “Pull Up”
  4. “Everybody’s It”
  5. “Steal the Bone”
  6. “Team Inchworm”
  7. “Post Man”
  8. “Occupation Wreck”
  9. COT

Warm Up: Phelps, Quixote, Reacher, Walker, Soldier (sounds like a starting line-up), SSH, slow-count Merkins, Hillbilly, and Super-shoulders [LBArmCircles FWD/BCKWD x50; Wonder Bra x50; Chinook x50; Moroccan NC x50; & T-Claps x25]

Burpee Flower: (Moby “Flower” playing as digital co-Q) Run in place. Everytime “…bring Sally down…” plays, knock out a Burpee. Maintain a smile.

Pull Up: PAX seated in on the midfield circle. Three PAX are “IT” in the center of the circle. When music begins, each IT runs to a seated PAX and ‘pulls him up’ simultaneously sitting in ‘pulled up’ PAX’s seat. Newly pulled up PAX must run across circle to repeat process. Continue ad nauseam until music is stopped (unpredicatably by the Q). The three “ITs” who are stuck in the middle must complete Dry Dock x10 while rest of circle must complete Dry Docks x5. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam.  Oh yeah… while seated waiting to be pulled up, all PAX on circle are doing indefinite number of BBS.

Everybody’s It: All PAX start in midfield circle. Instead of one PAX being “IT;” all PAX are “IT.” Everybody’s it and can tag anyone. The only rule is “TAG BUT DON’T BE TAGGED.” Once you’re tagged you must drop and do an exercise until end of game (Rd 1-Dying Cockroach; Rd2-LBCs; Rd3-Merkins). No PAX can run or land outside of the midfield circle at penalty of Burpees x10, plus you’re out.

Steal the Bone: Divided into two even teams 10 yds across from each other, facing one another; each teammate is given a number which corresponds to the number of a player on the opposite team. Each round, all PAX start on six in dying cockroach position (on back with feet and hands straight up in air). Each round starts when Q shouts a number signalling the corresponding PAX on each team to  race to middle of circle (using crabwalk) to be first to retrieve a “bone” (any piece of equipment will suffice). First team to “bone” does Frog Tucks x5. Losing team does Frog Tucks x10. Rinse and repeat.

Team Inchworm: Divided into two teams across from each other, facing one another; teammates lined up side-by-side in plank. On “GO” all PAX begin doing Merkins while the last PAX in line hurdles over legs of teammates to the front of team line and assumes Merkins. The new last PAX can rise and continue inching team forward as soon as they become last PAX. Winning team does Hand Release Merkins x5. Losing Team does HR Merkins x10.

Post Man. Divided into two teams; each team sits in a team circle facing center. A “post (cone)” is set next to one PAX on each team. on “GO” each team must rotate clockwise or counterclockwise until the “man” who started next to the “post” rotates as part of team back to original position. First team to complete rotation does Burpees x5. Other team does Burpees x10.

Identity Wreck: Divided into teams of four. Teams line up one-behind-other, in plank, facing the sideline (Q). The four PAX in each line are given a corresponding “identity” (e.g., PAX 1 – magnet; PAX 2 – cap; PAX 3 – jar; PAX 4 – frame). Each round begins as Q calls out an identity (e.g., “MAGNETS”), at which time the first PAX in each team jumps up from plank and races around a cone set in front of his team’s line then to a cone at the back of his team’s line, finally to return to his original position in line. First team to finish does Merkins x5. The losing teams do Merkins x10.

COT closed out the beatdown with F3 names for all new PAX (2.0’s). We emphasized the importance of “play” and having fun right where you are, especially when it’s easy to get stuck in a Sad Clown life where we get stuck in the conveyor belt of “doing.”

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