“MOB” Mosey or Bust, etc.

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  • When: 07/09/2019
  • QIC: Airbags
  • The PAX: Peaches (R), McDreamy (R), Flo, MLK, Gravy, Outhouse, Gump, Aquaman, Wahoo (Yes Wahoo was there),

9 PAX joined QIC on what started out as a pleasant Tuesday morning ready for run day! QIC posted a Teaser on Slack titling theme of today’s workout as MOB. Several guesses were made, but the most interesting one came from a PAX member who I shall not name, but has lost 150lbs in the last year, that read “Money Over Bitches.” Much to his surprise, MOB did not stand for that! Now we know what said individual does in his free time!

*Mosey or Bust
*Merkins or Bust
*Maneuver or Bust
*Make It Back or Bust

*Matt Biondi in CADENCE. (Named after famous US Olympic Swimmer)
*Michael Phelps
*The Reacher
*Runner’s Lunges

*Mosey to Nocatee Splash Park Roundabout
*Bridge Crawl over bride on the way
*Faster pace along way
*No stopping at Dunkin Donuts along the way.
*Bear Crawl 50% around the roundabout. That’s HALF way for the math majors.
*Get around other 50% of roundabout as you choose, but no Moseying or walking.
*25 Merkins
*Mosey back toward flag
*50 LBCs mid-way
*Bear Crawl over bridge on way back. (Think QIC is the only one who did this…..just sayin)
*A few stops along the way for SSH’s, LBCs, etc., by PAX members. (Thanks)

COT/Prayer Requests
4.45 miles in total
“Or Bust” = Complete Success or Nothing!
•“Complete Success” – means living up to YOUR ability and accomplishing YOUR goals! Your control YOUR success!

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