Return to the gloom

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  • When: 07/09/19
  • The PAX: Farah and Farah (DR), DialUp (R), Eileen (R), Snuffy (DR), Mr. Brady (R), Diamond Cutter, Pud, Heisenberg, Pyro, Xenu (R), Gekko (R), LIFO

YHC has been out for a few weeks for a variety of reasons. This was the first day back in the gloom and I noticed no one signed up to Q.  What a way to make sure to get back into it, is to lead.

Humidity, 100%. A visitor, Mr. Brady, arrived via running from his hotel already drenched in sweat.

Welcome back to Diamond Cutter.

Warm up:

  • LBAC 10 IC fwd
  • 10 squats oyo
  • LBAC 10 IC bck
  • 10 groiners oyo **
  • 10 Wonderbra IC
  • 10 merkins oyo
  • 10 cherry pickers IC up
  • 10 groiners oyo
  • 10 cherry pickers IC down
  • 10 jump squats oyo

No one noticed that in between the warmup was the deconstructed burpee, except PUD here**.

10 burpees oyo

The thang:

6 pack – Werkins/pullups 5:1 down and up

Tempo Time!

  • Tempo squats 10 ic
  • Tempo merkins 10 ic
  • Tempo squats 10 ic
  • Tempo irkins 10 ic
  • Tempo squats 10 ic
  • Tempo dips 10 ic
  • Tempo squats 10 ic
  • Tempo derkins 10 ic

Flutter kicks 26 ic – who stops at 26?

Quarter time, go around playground circle. Choose a method of locomotion, crab walk, bear crawl, duck walk, lunge walk. At each quarter choose 1, no duplicates.

Mosey to racquetball court

Air chair overhead clap 15 ic

Wall sit front clap 15 ic

Donkey kicks 15 oyo

Ascending Testicles 4 levels 7 each.

Mosey to basketball court

Suicide starting by going to farthest side.

  1. Bear crawl there, lunge walk back. Far side.
  2. Crab walk there, lunge walk back. Far FT line.
  3. Lunge walk there, lunge walk back. Half court.
  4. Inchworm there, inchworm back. Near FT line.

10 burpees OYO (train)

Mosey to pavilion.

10 Heisenberg step ups per leg

20 calf raises

10 burpees OYO (late arrival Diamond Cutter).


Naked Moleskin:

Prayers to Farah and Farah – family. PUD 2.0 travelling. Xenu – 2.0 heading to school/travelling.

Basically, my message today was experiences. Spending time with family, I’d rather do something and be in the moment with them rather than making sure the pictures are right. Sometimes you might not want to go on an outing with the family but the rest do…just go. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.


Glad to be back in the gloom.


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