What humidity?

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  • When: 07/11/2019
  • QIC: Eileen
  • The PAX: Toxic, Rainman, PUD, LiFo, Snuffy,, Bowzer, UpDraft, Diamond Cutter, Pyro, Geko, McStuffins, Heisenberg

13 Pax showed up in the gloomidity for a bunch of sprints and ab work!

Some serious competition between Pyro, Heisenberg, PUD, and Diamond Cutter for first place finishes!

WarmUp – SSHs, Reachers, Toy Soldiers, Don Quixotes, mosey around parking lot with butt kicks, high steps, karaoke

To the benches – 10 Heisenberg step ups – 10 x each leg, OYO; 10 Dips in cadence


80 yrd sprint then 10 x ab work out (chosen by pax digging in Q’s pocket for a card) – Abs rotated through Flutter Kicks, LBCs, Pickle Pounders, WWI Sit Ups, Crunchy Frogs, and One-Side Bends for obliques! Other various ab exercises thrown in – such as Proud Pickles, V-Ups, Birthers…

so 80 yrd dash then 10 x ab work; 100 yrd dash, 10 x ab work = 1 rep.

Do 8 reps at 80 yrds

6 reps at 60 yrds

4 reps at 40 yrds

Short teaching from Q – what three things would you open up to your F3 brothers to hold you accountable for? That is a toughie! What would you be willing to be honest about with those guys and allow them to call you out on every week??

Prayers – Bowzer – praise for wife’s good Dr. report; SOC still dealing with Bells Palsy,  travel for Geko



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