Ya Love ‘em or ya Hate ‘em!

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  • When: 07/13/2019
  • QIC: PUD
  • The PAX: Whitehat (Visitor), Toxic, Bowzer, D-Nice, Septum, Diamond Cutter, LIFO, RainMan, Boucher

  1. It was a beautiful day for a FREE Men’s Workout!  The title does not refer to YHC! You either love or hate Coupon days! Heisenberg was kind enough to point out that nobody had signed up to Q #Anchor so YHC figured he can typically wing a pretty solid Q.

The roll-call was sounded, Coupons required, gloves suggested & cup check encouraged (to confirm Pax were man enough to post)! Some Pax chose not to make an appearance… perhaps they were traveling (Excused absence), some pointed at other AO’s (scared?) and some allowed the #Fartsack to win!

Conditions : Ideal, a few clouds, only 99% Humidity.

Location : The one and only #MemeorialPark

  1. Warm Up :

> 15 SSH IC
> 15 Merkins OYO
> 10 LBAC forward IC
> 10 LBAC backwards IC
> 10 Sun Gods forward IC
> 10 Sun Gods backwards IC
> 100 cherry picker OYO
> Lap around park
> Lap around the park with coupon – carry your way 1/3, carry overhead 1/3, front carry 1/3

The Thing: Coupon rotations w each exercise

  • 50 bicep curls, run 50 yards (in line w Flag & Statue), 15 Merkens 15 squats, run 50 yards (To Lap Post)
  • 50 overhead presses, run 50 yards 50 little baby crunches, run 50 yards
  • 50 Merkens with coupon. 25 with Coupon under right hand then switch to 25 with coupon on your left-hand run 50 yards 50 flutter kicks
  • 50 BBSU with coupon, run 50 yards 50 scissor kicks, Bear Crawl  50 back.
  • Lap around park w Coupon
  • 15 Burpees – Jumping over Coupon, Run 50, Side plank – 30 sec hold R, repeat L, Run back
  • 50  Bench press w Coupon, Run 50, 50 squat punches R, 50 squat punches L, backwards run back
  • 15 Leg raises w block overhead.  15 wasn’t enough so YHC foolishly thought adding a little weight would be a good idea. Coupons were placed  on feet & direction was given to complete 15 more Leg raises…. Negative Ghost Rider!  Didn’t happen so we repeated 15 regular. Run back.
  • 50 Fire Hydrants (Pissers?), from same position, 50 PKN’s (Kick PUD in the ___). Pax were not familiar w these exercises, their muscles were confused at this point as muscles in their buttocks were on fire.
  • Lap around the park w no coupon
  • There may have been a few more things but since this was 100% on the fly, I don’t recall!

That more or less sums it up!

Prayers for Bowzers M, praise for Drone’s test taking abilities, prayers for Seatdown Closing a chapter  prayers for Toxic (just because)!





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