The Hoff

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  • When: 07/17/19
  • QIC: ShowAndTell
  • The PAX: Papa Smurf (Double Respect), Inside Out (Respect), Eileen (Respect), Outhouse

4 Pax showed up this morning awaiting a beatdown.  This was my third Q at the Pool Party.  Still trying to get the hang of it.  Unfortunately, YHC forgot his speaker this morning.  Perhaps it worked out for the better, because there were some 80’s and 90’s tracks on there from Knight Rider and Baywatch TV shows.  YHC urged the Pax to focus on form, and not speed.  Shall we throw in a message, or Quote for the Day?  What about trivia?  Any Birthdays?  Maybe.  Throughout the workout, we had trivia questions and answers regarding David Hasselhoff, who was born on this day in 1952.  Papa Smurf says he likes old things, so I figured celebrating the Hoff’s BD would be right up his alley. 

The Warm Up

Mosey around soccer field and to playground.  10 pullups OYO.

Mosey to BBall court.  Circle up for warm o rama exercises IC.  SSH — 10, Hillbilly — 10, Peter Parker — 10, Floyd Mayweather Plank Punch — 10.

Mosey to pool

The Thang

Shadow Boxing Relay.  Partner up fasthole, and clydesdale.  One partner at bottom of pool shadow box — jab, cross, hook, etc.  Repeat until partner returns.  Other partner runs a lap around the pool.  Total of 3 rounds boxing and 3 rounds running for each PAX.

Mosey to tennis court

Balls to the Wall for 60 sec

Mosey to soccer field

Beast 666.  Lights at 25, 50, 25 yd lines on Soccer Field.  6 exercises — Burpees, Squats, Air Jordans, Mountain Climbers, IMM sit ups, and Flutter Kicks.  6 reps of each exercise at each light.  6 laps total, to the end of the field and back.  Lap 1 — 36 burpees total, stopping for 6 reps at each light down the field and back.  Lap 2 — 36 squats total, stopping for 6 reps at each light, down the field and back, and so on for the remaining exercises.  Plank for the 6.

Lunges to midfield


Count O Rama, Name O Rama.  Announcements — F2 HH at Palm Valley Outdoors tomorrow.  Went around the circle and asked each PAX to name his next goal for fitness.  Prayer requests — Saigon Sam’s wife, handful of requests from Papa Smurf.  The Lord’s Prayer. 

Mumblechatter:  Today we learned that the Hoff had lived in Jacksonville, Florida for some time as a youngster.  We also learned that he got his big break as Dr Snapper Foster on a soap opera in 1975.  Perhaps Snapper Foster could be a future F3 name???  Lastly, a quote from David Hasselhoff:  “Failure usually works for me in the end.”  Thanks fellas.  Have a great day!

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