Do Not Quit!

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  • When: 7/20/2019
  • QIC: Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: Herschel, Lucky Charm, Shake n Bake (3 respect), Shown n Tell, Sand Crab (2 respect), Bobber, Jumanji, Blowout, Tone Deaf, Inside Out (respect), Papa Smurf (2 respect), GNC, McD (respect), Bloomer, Housekeeper (respect), Kretal

17 PAX arrived commenting on the relatively cool weather, prospects of football at the end of the workout and the weekend happenings.  4 PAX dollied 4 + miles prior to the beatdown.  QIC applauds such dedication.  The order of the day was hand release Merkins.


Limp Member OYO

10 Reachers IC

10 Hillbillies IC

5 HR (Hand Release) Burpees OYO

10 Monkey Humpers OYO

4 HR Burpees OY


3 HR Burpees OYO

10 Tempo Merkins IC

2 HR Burpees OYO


1 HR Burpee

10 Penalty HR Burpee


(1) Indian Run- 1 lap

(2) 7s (modification of 11s)- 6 HR Burpees run to other sideline and then 1 Air Squat run and then 5 and 2……

(3) Indian Run – 1 lap

(4) 7s –  Hand Release Merkins run and LBCs…..

(5) Indian Run – 1 lap

(6) 7s- Monkey Humpers and Bobby Hurleys….

(7) 10 reps of Diamond Merkins Bear Crawl, 10 reps of Wide Merkins Crawl Bear, 10 reps of Right Staggered Merkins Bear Crawl,  10 reps of Left Staggered Merkins

(8) 30 LBCs IC,  50 Bicycles each leg OYO, 20 Big Boy Situps OYO, 5 HR Burpees

(9) Football

COT:  QIC implored the PAX to not quit.  F2 session encourages everyone to sign up for races/challenges.  Prayer requests accepted and offered, especially for those dealing with illness.


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