It’s Another Manic Monday

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  • When: 07/22/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Duck, Doink, Detour, FLO, Rudy, Seven, Bullwinkle, Aquaman, Blackout, Bada Bing, Gravy, Full Monty, Gravy, Check Please, Peg, McDreamy, Dollar Bill, Bloomer, Gizzard, GNC

The numbers of the day were, 72,75, 75, and 78….the ages of The Rolling Stones..if they can perform for 2 hours, anyone can workout for 45 minutes…

Technical difficulties abounded this hot and humid Monday…the QIC says his alarm didn’t go off but his M said it did…regardless, the QIC posted on time, one shoe off and one shoe on, flag disassembled yet raring to go.

Misplaced among other things was the QIC’s regular prescription glasses so he was forced to wear his shades. One of the Pax commented on the “look” earning them 10 burpees to start the day. It wasn’t until halfway through the workout that the QIC got on the right side of the bed!


SSH•15/Don Quixote•10/The Reacher•10/Spider-Man Stretch..5 OYO Plank Jack •10

Route 66 modified…10 merkins/10 squats/10 flutter kicks at each street light then SSH till the six was in . Reached the football field and ran modified suicides with 5 burpees at the 50 and the goal line..split the Pax in two and half ran 400 yards while the other half wall sat…back to the goal line for 50 yard mick jagger skips and big boy sit ups and flutter kicks…

mosey to bear crawl alley and lunges to first light pole and skip to the next…mosey to the circle and close with a small Ciabatta…

Serving is not a feeling, it is an action.


Prayers for those traveling, physically and mentally ill and for new beginnings.

Thank you men for being patient with me this morning…


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