Completing the Mission

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  • When: 07/252019
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Pud, Heisenberg, Gecko (R), LIFO, 4-Points, Big Bird, Pyro, Jumanji, Rocky, Feud

9 PAX of F3 Jacksonville plus 1 PAX down range from F3 Kansas City posting in the gloom at BOHICA to complete the mission that was began with YHC’s Q at Boondocks this past Saturday.  50 years ago, yesterday, the Columbia capsule piloted by Michael Collins and carrying Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, 900 miles from Hawaii, and concluded the Apollo 11 mission that landed man on the moon for the first time. How should we pay tribute to this remarkable accomplishment?… through a beatdown of course. Odd that no one from my Q at Boondocks was here. Wonder why?


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Burpees x10 OYO
  • Don Quixote x10  
  • LAC forward/backwards x10 IC
  • Chinook x10 IC
  • Wonder bra x10 IC
  • Moroccan night club x10 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the field and line up at the light post for…

NASA– Similar to the Beast, but just a little bit worse. Starting at the light post, Pax advance down the field, performing 10 reps of prescribed exercises at each cone with 5thset occurring at the sidewalk.

  • N-No Surrender advance via power skip
  • A-Apollo Creed Burpees (once again a crowd pleaser) advance via right shuffle step
  • S-Shoulder taps advance via left shuffle step
  • A-Apolo Ohnos advance via backwards run

Mosey to the pavilion adjacent to the playground

Astronaut HIIT Parade– Found this one on the intranet, so it must be good and right.  3 rounds, AMRAP for 45 sec with 15 sec rests of the following exercises:

  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Dips
  • Pull-ups
  • Lunges

YHC not being a professional shined here as there the PAX may have been short changed on time with the first set of merkins, the first 30 sec rest break between   

Find a piece of curb for:

  • Half-moon merkins (crowd pleaser #2): aka nipple scrappers x10 each side

Mosey to the flag.


I really believe that if the political leaders of the world could see their planet from a distance of, let’s say 100,000 miles, their outlook would be fundamentally changed. The all-important border would be invisible, that noisy argument suddenly silenced.” –Michael Collins on Twitter

The celebration of the Apollo 11 anniversary reminded YHC of a time when the American people were united.  It is possible I am not aware of the issues of the day, or that there was just not the media coverage that there is today, but from the outside looking in, Americans were a united people.  No matter which side you were on, no matter who was the president, people could rally together watching the Apollo 11 mission unfold, they could rally for Old Glory and our country.  YHC believes that more people are tolerant of each other, but the media would have you believe we are polar opposites who cannot get along.

One of the great things about F3 is our ability to be united for our mission: To plant, grow, and serve small male workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  We may have differences of opinions, but we still respect each other support each other. Let’s go out and show those around us that we can still be united despite our differences.  Thank you men for allowing me lead you in the gloom.


  • Prayers for Wrong Way, that he gets and openly receives the help he needs
  • Prayers for BigBird and his return, and for Alyssa’s health
  • Lord’s Prayer and Pledge

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