On plan? Off Plan? Need a New Plan?

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  • When: 07/31/2019
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: Flo, Blowout, Blackout (R), Gravy, Doink, Detour, Deuce, FNG- Sofa

Nine men worked out on a warm Wednesday including 1 FNG (Sofa– the QIC’s brother).  We worked through a nice warmup with SSH, Michael Phelps, Reacher, and Limp Member and then did a few lap mosey around the parking lot with some sprints and some karaoke.  After the warmup- the Slash inspired Tabata circuit was on.  A couple circuits of 30 seconds of work with 10 second rest/transition followed by 1 circuit of 15 seconds of work with 15 second rest/transition.

Exercises: Battle Ropes, 8 Count Body Builders, LBCs, BBCs, Burpees, Squats, Lunges, Jump Rope, KB Swings, Upright Rows, Shuttle Runs, Bobby Hurleys, Supermans, Flutterkicks.

Nice cool down with SSH, Michael Phelps, Reacher, and Limp Member.

Our message piggy-backed on Gravy’s message Tuesday.  7/12 months are gone in the year– are you on track?  We focused today on assessment of where you stand– are you on plan? off plan? or do you need a new plan?  If you are not on plan- fix it because you are man of action!

Announcements- F2 tomorrow night at LuLu’s.  Jags Stadium Run next Saturday night– prices go up tomorrow so get hot if you haven’t signed up yet.

Appreciate the chance to lead this fine group and great having my brother out for his first workout.

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