What Do You Need to be Courageous About?

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  • When: 07/31/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Boilermaker(R), Sandcrab(DR),Tone Deaf, Show and Tell, T-Bird, Rudy

“The First Day” is a documentary about Chris Herren and his sobriety…it is a follow up to the first documentary about his life, “Unguarded.”

His point is this; it is more courageous to not drink and drug and try to fit in with the “in” crowd in high school. The QIC Remembers those days as the new kid at a new school who wanted to be part of the crowd.

When you get courage, it grows.  When you don’t face who you are , that grows too. What do you want to be courageous about today?


Warm up…SSH •15/MP•10/DQ•10/The Reacher•15/ Plank Jacks•10/Alt shoulder taps•10

50% 100yd dash. Return running backwards

75% 100 yd dash.  “”””””””””””””””””””””

shuffle to mid field.

width of field

1 legged hops 10 merkins and back(10)

skip with 15 merkins and back(15)

hallelujahs 20 merkins and back(20)

Backward lunge 25 merkins and back(25)

Playground. 5 pull ups and exit and run around playground 10 flutter kicks ditto

15 squats ditto


10•15•20 Flutter kicks in the pool and dips outside the pool.

20 step ups and mosey to field

Bearcrawl 10•20•30 hello dolly, flutter kicks,

30 LBC’s

50% dash to the end and mosey back

COR/NOR/ circle of trust ball of man

prayers for all those in need of comfort for illness and travels and injured…lift all those up and comfort them in their time of need.

an honor to be able to work out with you men this morning. You all make each other better!

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