Forgiveness-Leg Day

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When: 8/1/2019


The Pax: McDreamy (r), Full Monty (r), Gravy, Bloomer, Doink, Show and Tell, AquaMan, Black out (r), Check Please, Bloomer, Snaggle, Detour, Dollar Bill, Duece, Bullwinkle, Outhouse, Yardsale (r)

17 men came out on Aug 1 for my VQ.  We ran around the parking lot to warm up and then came back to base and warmed up with SSH, Michael Phelps, Hillbillies and the Reacher.  The Q brought the lords prayer and quoted “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”.  The Pax chewed on that as we did indian runs to the football fields to start our work out.

We started with 6 surrenders (three on each leg) then ran fifty yards and then completed 20 air squats.  We then backpedaled fifty yards to the start and completed this exercise ten times.  We then ran to the parking lot curb and completed 5 sets and single legged Johnny Dramas (calf raises) on each leg to really get the legs feeling it. After that we went back to the football field and did 6 iron mikes (3 on each leg) followed by low side shuffles for 25 yards and then did 10 skater jumps and side shuffled back to the start.  We did this exercise 6 times.

After that I pulled out the frisbee and we completed Whamo leg lunges where someone throws a frisbee and the pax sprints in the direction of the frisbee and when it hits the ground the pax lunges to it.  We completed this several times.  It seemed the pax enjoyed this piece.  As it was something a little different!  We then ran back to the base at a strong pace.

The message today around the quote centered on how we are only granted mercy for our own sins and are only forgiven by others in the amount that we are able to forgive.  If the pray read”forgive us our trespasses and forgive those who trespass against us”, it would mean we did not need to show mercy to others in order to be granted gods grace and mercy.  However the as in that sentence puts the responsibility on us to forgive others so that we may be shown mercy from god and others.





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