Bridge Intervals- Could you care less

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When: 8-6-2019


The Pax:  Flo, Gravy, McDreamy (r), Show and Tell, Detour, Papa Smurf (DR), Dollar Bill, Gump, Duck (DR), Duce, Outhouse, Yard Sale (R), Bloomer

14 Men came out this morning knowing that we would be running the bridge.  I asked the PAX how often is god in our life and we could care less?  We started the workout with SSH and the Reacher.  The Q totally botched the pace and structure of this.  Sorry Men.  THank you to McDreamy for getting me back on pace.

We ran to the base of the bridge at a warm up pace.  When we arrived we stretched a little.  We used the bridge for interval type training.  We ran to the second light pole at a 50% pace with 5 seconds between each person.  Then we ran from the second light pole to the fourth (75%)and lightly ran down the other side of the bridge to recover.

We did the same drill on the other side of the bridge but this time with (100%) effort.  Then lightly ran down to the original base.  We finished the workout with a 100% run to the second pole and a 100% run to the fourth pole.

We then ran back to Davis park.

How often in our lives is god there with us and we could care less.  I heard a pod cast of a person who walked the station of the cross in the holy land.  He said that as he was doing it, the town was busy and people were going about there NORMAL day.  This made him think what was it like when Jesus was going through his passion.  How many people were just going about there day and could care less what was going on and how that day changed the history of the world.  As we reflected on this, how often is god with us during our times of struggle, times of happiness or just a normal Tuesday morning and we could care less.  Let us take time to think how we can recognize god in our lives at all times.

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