Just another day at BOHICA

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  • When: 08/08/19
  • The PAX: Drone, Seatdown, Septum, Feud, McStuffins, Pud, Gekko- R, Updraft- R, Toxic- DR, Snuffy-DR, Synapse- DR, Rainman- R, Heisenberg,

14 total PAX showed up at BOHICA, temperature and humidity was typical.  After a few minutes of PAX gathering, Seatdown brought Drone  a sweater from his vehicle.  I guess there was a bet in fantasy football last year and the loser had to wear a sweater during a beatdown. So, Drone over his weight vest wore the sweater and I heard him say..’hot’ and ‘scratchy’.

Mosey to the racquetball court.

YHC decided to do something not attempted previously. The entire opening was done while wall sitting.

PAX Wall Sit

  • Welcome/Disclaimer
  • Chinook 12IC
  • WonderBra 13 IC
  • Raise roof 15 IC
  • Miyagi off 15 IC
  • Miyagi on 15 IC

Finally to leave the racquetball court all had to donkey kick the wall 15x OYO.

Mosey to basketball court.

  • Lungicide – lunge suicide with 5,10,15,20 squats on the return.
  • 1st half of mucho chesto – 10 each regular/wide/diamond/stagger L/stagger R merkins.

Mosey to playground. Pax split into 2 for space.

Smoked Shoulders.

  • 10 pull ups, bear crawl to pavillion 10 dips, bear crawl back to playground.
  • 9 pull ups, bear crawl to pavillion 9 dips, bear crawl back to playground.

(tons of mumblechatter here)

At this point YHC called an audible, once you get to 8, drop by 2s…so 8/6/4/2.

Mosey to front of library. During the Mosey, Toxic told me he knew an audible would be called. Based on time of one bear crawl, he calculated total travel time and number of times, we would not have enough time left to complete.

  • Gorilla humpers 15 IC
  • proud pickle 15 ic
  • 15 ww1su oyo
  • 25 pretzel crunches per leg oyo
  • flutter kicks 25 ic

mosey to other side of library.

Line up behind feud, someone mentioned smartest to not smartest?

Crab walk up ramp around patio and back. But once the last PAX started. I called audible to stop, mosey to flag and finish last half of mucho chesto.  Multiple PAX thought I had forgotten.


Naked moleskin:

YHC’s father doing well, back home. So is Wrongway.

Prayers for Seatdown, Twister.

Until next time…..

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