Poseidon Back to School Beatdown

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  • When: 08/10/2019
  • QIC: Flo
  • The PAX: Papa Smurf, Blowout, Outhouse, Bloomer, Twig (FNG Bloomers 2.0), Sofa, Blackout, Bada Bing, Sandcrab, Pickle, Jumanji, Tone Def, Housekeeping, Stumpknocker, Osteen, Fisher, Burpee Machine

19 Pax posted in the heat and humidity for the back to school beat-down.


Opening thought – 18 awake hours and 6 hours sleeping everyday will give you approximately 30 days per year and 1 extra year every 12. This means you get more years, more life, more time, more workouts, more productivity, more family time, more adventures, etc.

The group attempted to “liberate” the neighboring houses from their slumber by sounding off properly during warmups….

Warm Up – IC

SSH – 10

Reacher – 10

Michael Phelps – 10

Flutter kick – 25

Hello Dolly – 25

Hand release merkin – 10


Warm Up Lap


Complete Exercise Assessment

15 minutes to complete as many “burpee-to-pullups” as possible

Recovery Lap

Sideline to Sideline

50 Squats, Inchworm 50, 50 squats, Inchworm back

Recovery Lap

50 Seal Jax – Lunge 50 yards – 50 Seal Jax – Lunge 50 back

Recovery Lap

10 “No Handed Getup” – Run 50 – 10 NHGU – Run 50

Recovery Lap

Flutter-kick Relay

Merkin Relay

Recovery Lap




Closing Thought

“Let the light inside you shine brighter than the light that shine’s on you”

– D. Swinney



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