How to Have it all & Crush it at work & at Home!

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  • When: 08/11/2019
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  1. So I tried to post this in Slack but It was too long!  Here’s a message that will help you now & in the future…  if followed & you take the time, this will help us all to become better men!

We want to have it all in work and at home.

We want to have balanced lives.

When I think about having it all, I think you need to break it down into 3 categories:
1. Financial Security
2. Balance in Life
3. Serving & Giving to others at an extremely high level

If you break down into these 3 areas you can really have it all.

Break it up into 3 bite sized portions. Having it all is different for everyone. We all have different situations. We are all at different walks in our lives.

I’ve been guilty of working all the time. Being too absorbed. At risk of having no relationship with my children or wife.

We need to study successful people, become a student of them, figure out what it means to have it all. They have accountability, they are focused.

The first thing needed to have it all is the proper mindset and having a plan. When you think of mindset and having a plan, the first question we need to ask is what does having it all look like in one sentence?

Ex. 1) Getting myself to the point that I don’t need to work nights or weekends. 2) making all kids events. 3) having a boat

If you’re following along and really want to try to make something happen. Do this exercise. Close your eyes and say “what is in the past is in the past”. Wipe it clean, start fresh. Get rid of anything that’s been limiting your mindset. Whatever your past was, your failures, your mistakes, whatever that’s caused you to think you don’t have it all today is in the past.

That is the first step to giving yourself the opportunity to having it all.

Now you’ve got to have a plan! Now that you’ve washed away everything, you must have a plan! So the question is now, how do you have a plan?

There are two forms that can help with that. I posted them a few minutes ago above. The plan is gonna look like like this; where are you now and where will you be.

“Where are you at now” form. Fill out.
1. Work
2. money
3. love life
4. family life
5. spirituality
6. your friends
7. yourself

Write down the two top areas in each one of those seven pillars you struggle with the most.

We have to start with what we struggle with, with where we feel like were missing the mark.

And then we’re going to rank them on a scale of 1-10 of where we feel like we’re heading in that area of our life. This tells us what to prioritize on and what we need to work on first.

At the very bottom of the form you need to address what your biggest struggle is because that’s the first thing that we have to conquer!

And then there’s another form called “where we want to be”. You may want to laminate these!

You should do this, you can have your team at work do them… you can even have your family do them.

In order to have it all in life we need a plan… without a plan it’s just a Dream! We need to have a plan, to make the dream a reality.

When we create a plan and we take our vision and we put pen to paper we will have a chance of biting off a little bit each time to make this happen.

Next we go to the same seven pillars and we write where we want to be.

Here’s the thing that a lot of people want to do, they wanna make all the changes today and can’t accomplish any of it because they get overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed out so they just say forget it all!

The key is you decide to focus on two things on each of those seven pillars. If you break it down that way, that equals 14 things we will accomplish that year!

So you need to ATTACK The seven boxes, the seven pillars on where we want to be.

1. Work
2. money
3. spiritual life
4. love life
5. ourselves
6. Friends and
7. family

We need to do this to make us well rounded. Do give our lives a well rounded focus so we can concentrate on what we want to achieve.

Take the time to write down what the most important thing to Focus on in your life.

That is a first step in the process of being able to have your best life Ever and being able to have it all!

The next piece is, a plan…we need to have a plan! We’ve established where were at and where we want to go but we need to write down and really have a vision. We have to formally write it down. If you don’t write it down, it won’t happen!

So the next step is to write out a one-year vision.

The one your vision should include form what vacations you want to go on this year, Long weekends, what kind of stuff do you want to have, what is your physical vision, what do you want to accomplish with the help & accountability of your F3 Brothers, what kind of assets do you have today and what do you want them in the future, stocks, 401(k)s, mutual funds, cash. Where do you want to be in the area of giving?

This is a foundation, you have to have a plan in order to get to the next level! These the first steps and having all!

What accomplishments do want to have in the next year?

Ok, enough rambling on…

Make it happen!!

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