Back to the Grind- Get after it!

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  • When: 08/19/2019
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: Flo, Full Monty (R), McDreamy (R), Deuce, Doink, Aquaman, Taz, Pom Pom, Sofa, Duck (R*2), Bullwinkle (R), Bada Bing, Airbags (R), Outhouse, Inside Out, Black Out (R), Detour, Gump, Check Please, FNG- Jailbait, Dollar Bill, Snaggle

25– Yes- 25 men showed for the workout ITG on a Monday morning including 1 FNG (Jailbait– we all wore our seatbelts and checked our registration today after that story).  Message was simple- back to the grind, first day of school is over, it’s a Monday, summer is kinda over– now it’s time to keep staying after it.  As iron sharpens iron may this group of men sharpen each other!

15 of each– SSH, Michael Phelps, Reacher, Merkins

Mosey to 2nd parking lot.  Stations set up, divided into 4 groups.  30 seconds work, 12 second rest, 25 second transition to next station always facing the flag.

  • Merkin, WW1 Situp, Iron Mikes
  • Burpee, LBC, Squat
  • 8 Ct Body Builder, Flutterkick, Calf Raises
  • Bobby Hurley, Hello Dollies, Monkey Humpers

4 lines, some teamwork here:

  • Sprint to 2nd island, 10 merkins, sprint back.  Rest of team is doing the exercise that runner directed while they waited for his arrival.
  • Carry partner to 1st island, 10 merkins each, switch the carrier on the way back.  Rest of team exercising while waiting for their return.
  • Ice skaters to 1st island, 10 merkins, slalom jumps back.  Same concept with rest of team exercising.

Mosey over to Bear Crawl Alley:

  • Lunge to 1st pool, inch worms with 1 pushup to 2nd pole.
  • Lunge back out to 1st pole, inch worm back out of bear crawl alley with 1 pushup at each inchworm.

Mosey– with a sprint at the end– back to the circle:

10 of each– SSH, Michael Phelps, Reacher, Merkins (10 OYO)

Good work gents.  If I forgot you on the Backblast I apologize.  Took a really great photo of Flo (#1 in countorama) instead of video-ing Name-O-Rama– I owe some merkins as a penalty for that.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s run where Slash list the workout name as “this is gonna suck, no seriously, it’s gonna suck”

F2: Lunch Wednesday at the Bridges.


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