Fiddy Dash

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  • When: 08/19/19
  • QIC: Heisenberg
  • The PAX: Toxic, Farrah N Farrah, Updraft, Seatdown


5 PAX started their week off with some fun in the parking lot under the ONE Street lamp working at GENESIS.

Warm-o-Rama all IC x10 ish

Michael Phelps



10 Burpess for not knowing the Mission statement of F3. Toxic’s answer was hilarious.


Parking lot work – Each exercise was a 60 second AMRAP.

Round #1

  • Merkins > 50-yard Run and back
  • Split Jump Lunges > 50-yard Run and back
  • Plank Jacks > 50-yard Run and back
  • Crunchy Frogs > 50-yard Run and back
  • Wall sits >50-yd Run and back

Round #2

  • Inchworm Merkins > 50-yard Backward run and back
  • Air Squats > 50-yard Backward Run and back
  • Walking Lunges> 50-yard Backward Run and back
  • Crunches > 50-yard Backward run and back
  • Wall Sits Backward Run and back

Round #3

  • Wide Arm Merkins > 50-yard Karaoke
  • Alternating Lunges > 50-yard Karaoke
  • Groiners > 50-yard Karaoke
  • Flutters > 50-yard Karaoke
  • Wall Sits > 50-yard Karaoke

Round #4

  • Merkin Shoulder Taps > 50-yard Power Sip
  • Monkey Humpers (at Monty Pythons request) > 50-yard Power Skip
  • Plank Jacks > 50-yard Power Skip
  • Freddy Mercury’s > 50-yard Power Skip
  • Wall Sits Power Skip


Everyone worked hard to push themselves as evidenced by the amount of moistness left on the pavement.


Reminder that the Christmas party is scheduled for 12/07 and I have confirmed that Toxic is the drink Q.  Should be interesting.


Updraft and FnF have 2.0s heading to college this week.

Prayers for SOC(Jeremy Thomas) my BIL has a lesion on his brain stem and it is not looking good.  Please pray for him and my sister, Erin. He is in Baptist hospital downtown in room 922 Weaver.

Honored to lead



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