You Against You!

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  • When: 08/21/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Check Please, T Bird, Sandcrab

The QIC greeted himself by uncovering a sweaty shirt left over from Saturday’s workout in the back of his truck…sweatmobile indeed.

Inky Johnson, the great philosopher from Tennessee, speaks of giving it your best every time out and being a man means giving it your best every time you get the privilege of working out.

The QIC wanted to give his best for the 3 men who posted this morning.  As T-Bird said, “You can’t hide this morning!”  And with that, we were off…

WARM UP…MP•10/LBACFB/•10/SSH•10/DQ•10/Mt Climbers•10 Plank Jacks •10


Midfield to end line. SKIP 20 merkins/return  20 merkins. Karaoke 20 merkins and back 20 merkins/ Run forward 20 merkins and back 20 merkins…

mosey to the pool… Aiken legs…20 box jumps/squats/lunges/ split jacks/ 10 flutter kicks…15 of the same. 15 flutter kicks. 10 of the same 20 flutter kicks. 5 of the same. 25 flutter kicks.

mosey to the field. 7 of diamonds. 7 burpees 14 flutter kicks 21 merkins 28 squats…

mosey to center for a tiny Ciabatta of planks and flutter kicks to finish.  COT BOM

Prayers for patience with our M’s and 2.0’s, Sandcrab’s brother Tom, and Praise to T Bird who is down 30 since coming to F3….it was a pleasure to serve these men today!

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