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  • When: 08/28/2019
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Aquaman, Terminator, Dollar Bill, Gump, Blackout

A small group of 6 pax made it out to the Goodlands for a good time. The message was Gratitude , Grateful Dead playing, simple plan – 40 exercises, 40 seconds each (aside from warm up, 20 seconds of rest in between)

The Thang

First 10/ Warm Up at the flag

SSH, Toy Soldiers, LBAC F, LBAC B, Hillbilly, the Reacher, Cat/Camel, Downward Dog, Merkins, Mountain Climbers

Mosey to 1st Parking lot

Second 10

Iron Mike’s, Pushups w side balance, wide Pushups, flutter kicks, SLR R, SLR L, side lying hip abduction R and L, Plank/Sphinx, Bobby Hurleys

1 suicide to each parking lot Island, mosey to bear crawl alley

Third 10

Seal Jacks, Bear Crawl, Dips, Incline Pushups, Dirkins, Superman’s, Crunchy Frog, Plank Jacks, Squats, Spin Squats

Last 10

Rocky Balboas, Burpees, Diamond Pushups, Crab Walk, Bird Dog, Side Plank L/R, Wall Sits, Super Burpees, Sprint to Flag

COT / Prayers for safety with upcoming storm, happy hour discussion, Q read a reflection on importance of gratitude from Father Richard Rohr. Prayers and thanks given.

Thanks – Deuce



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