Taking Care of Business

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  • When: 08/29/2019
  • QIC: Detour
  • The PAX: Flo, Full Monty (R), Gump, Rudy, Aquaman, McDreamy (R), Taz, McGregor (FNG), Bambi (FNG), Bolt, Dollar Bill, Airbags (R), Deuce, Outhouse, Yard Sale (R), Bloomer, Papa Smurf (RR)

17 PAX posted for the Thursday morning beatdown. The simple message for today was TCB (taking care of business). That is, to get done that which needs to get done. The disclaimer was given and the 2 FNG’s welcomed.


in sets of 15, IC:

SSH, LBACF, Michael Phelps, LBACB, Hill Billy


The Business

Mosey to the turf fields, stopping to perform three (3) sets of 12 count merkins along the way.


Suicide 11’s –

10 jump squats on the goal line, run to the 10 yd line, 1 merkin, run back to goal line

proceed in 11’s fashion, performing 9 jump squats at the goal line, 2 merkins at the 20 yd line, etc

finishing with 10 merkins on the far goal line


Follow the leader-

PAX on the goal line, leader 5 yds in front. The leader begins fast feet (fast run in place), then drops to plank, then sprint to 30 yd line, PAX follows.

after each sprint the leader then chooses someone to lead next sprint

This went on for maybe 8 rounds before YHC gave the ‘two more’ warning, selfishly, out of fear of splashing merlot on the beautiful turf field.


Ab Recovery-

LBC, 50, OYO

Flutter Kicks, 50, OYO

Box Cutters, 30, OYO


Mosey back to the flag pole, performing two (2) sets of 12 count merkins and 6 tempo merkins along the way.

7 additional merkins OYO at the flag pole



FNG’s welcomed, McGregor and Bambi

Announcements- F2 tonight  (8/29) at 3 Palms Grill, 5:30

Prayer Requests – Taz’s grandmother’s health, Flo’s team and career path


Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

– Detour

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