Labor Day Beat Dorian Beatdown! Pays to be a winner!

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  • When: 09/02/2019
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: FNGs- Welcome! Jesse (aka Tougher Flo), Uncle Jake (Tougher Saigon), Eagle (Tougher Gravy), Patch, War Eagle, Motorhead and Schlitz! Hurricane didn't scare away those FNGs! Flo, Sofa, Check Please, Papa Smurf, Tone Deaf, Inside Out, Blow Out, GNC, Gravy, Saigon Sam, Bada Bing, Crash, Sandcrab, Pickle, Tazz, Zamboni, Twig, Swag, Aquaman, Housekeeping, Yard Sale, Outhouse, Dollar Bill

Labor Day Q
31 braved the storm and the hot/humid temps to come out and get after it.  Schlitz said our first beer is free  at the new place in Nocatee if you were at his first workout!
Labor Day- Started in late 19th century as a way to recognize the American worker. Came into law in 1894.. unofficial end of summer..
15*SSH, Michael Phelps, Reacher, 10*Merkin, LBACs, Chinooks,LBACs backwards
Mosey- lap around to basketball court 20/10.. in cadence..
Ab blaster/merkins: flutterkick, merkins, lbc, merkins, hello dollies, merkins
Mosey- lap back to football field
Partner up
Dora- run length of field 100 Merkins, 200 Bobby Hurleys, 200 LBCs
Pays to be a winner. Losing teams owed some additional fun.
  • Sprint to 50, 10 merkins & back. Rest of team doing core exercise of runner’s choosing
  • Buddy carries. Down to 18, 10 merkins, switch & back
  • Bearcrawl to 18, 10 burpees, bearcrawl back.
  • Whole team, modified boat pt, 2.0 carries 50 yards & back.  Of course with some squats and merkins!

Ultimate football and then a cool down.. With some merkins– y’all are done with your challenge for the day.

Zamboni cleaned up the ice with 10 handclap pushups at the post-party.

Tazz– keep filling up Dad’s clown car for the workouts!  Nice to keep it fresh!

Stay safe men!

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